Solo Woman Designed Her Dream Tiny House & got Land BUT had to Pivot

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Video Chapters:
0:00 – house exterior
2:25 – 10-ft
7:15 – her downsizing journey
8:00 – buying land struggles
9:27 – bathroom with bathtub
12:58 – loft
15:36 – tiny house breakdown
:18 – off grid living experience
16:48 – tiny house village experience
18:03 – more tiny home tours!

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  1. Shelly has had a winding journey to tiny home living. She planned to put her home on off-grid land and host campers, but the local government unexpectedly changed the zoning laws. Shelly ended up moving into the LuxTiny tiny home village and is so happy she did. Enjoy a tour of a beautifully self-designed 10-ft wide tiny house! Could you live here? 👉 *Watch tours of LuxTiny & a park model tiny home rental there:*

  2. This is one of the best places I’ve ever seen. Being a 10 / 20, it doesn’t even look small. ..The way she has it set up and the way you had the contractors. Make your home, it feels open and inviting.. job well done.!!

  3. Oh My!! .. Shelly’s Home Is Incredibly Lovely And Beautifully Designed!. .. So Love Seeing How Happy She And Miley Are. … Truly A Blessing To Live In A Beautiful Home In A Most Welcoming Community. .. The Inside And Outside Of This Home Is Exquisite. .. Love How Well She Designed This Lovely Home!! .. God Bless Shelly!! ❤❤❤

  4. Beautiful home and kudos for your positive attitude and embracing life with less stuff. The most important things in life are the connections we make with each other, nature and our sweet fur babies❤Your forever home is perfect as it is a testament to your strength and also your creativity. Well done!😊

  5. I love Lakeside, used to live in Show Low, AZ native, nice to know there’s a tiny home community. Looking to get a tiny home, love all about your home, what I would want

  6. I’ve been planning on going tiny for 5-6 years now. Finding a way to build my own or purchase. I already live in a relatively small space so it’s just finances at this point. I’m closer than I was 5 years ago so who knows maybe this will be the year! I’ll keep watching all your videos and getting ideas and advice until my build is finished, then maybe you can come tour my tiny😊

  7. I love your home, it is exactly what I would design. So spacious! So light and airy! You should be very proud! Your yard is also so very tasteful!! Congrats!!!

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