Spacious TINY HOUSE w/ Hidden Loft! | Mod Cabins Tiny Home Tour!

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Today we take a of 2 beautiful tiny houses! They are both similar with some differences so be sure to watch until the end. They are both very spacious with the first one having a pull down ladder for the loft! The layout is perfect with everything you’d need. I would highly suggest staying here to experience tiny living for yourself!

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Chillicothe, OH, 45601

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  1. With such a big variety I always find it hard to decide which one I like the most… all of them are fantastic and unique in their own way.
    Thank you!! 👍🏼

  2. That natural wood with the contrasting black has me sold! Love the porch too! The window seat is a very nice touch as well! Wonderful tiny house cabin! 💕😊

  3. I love the first cabin best although the other one is a close second. Love the Scandi design elements, outdoor deck area, interior layout, furniture, and the artwork in both cabins. Jenny

  4. I love it! The patio is amazing! Can imagine myself just chillin in there and just watching the beautiful nature.

  5. can you give me a house like that for a gift watching here from philippines i like the tiny house but i cant afford it cause im a poor person

  6. Cute home… just don’t get that they have things for sale… if I go away I want to be away from ANY commercialism… I know you will say it is discreet.. but not discreet enough for me…

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