Special 12 ft Wide Tiny House Feels Like a Real Home! Full Tour

Patrick and the Rewild Homes Team built the Ptarmigan extra wide for a senior who wanted a bedroom and ensuite bathroom on the main floor to avoid stairs and a ladder. It is 12 feet wide, cantilevered over a standard width trailer, and 20 feet long for a total of 240 square feet.

Rewild Homes in , BC: http://www.rewildhomes.com/

To such a wide tiny house on wheels, the Rewild team built a deck platform to raise the floor high enough so that the trailer wheel wells wouldn’t protrude into the floor.

The will be completely on the grid, with power, water and sewer hookups. The layout is very simple, with a a kitchen, large living room, a bedroom with space for a queen sized bed, and an en suite bathroom with hand rails for support.

The person this house is being built for had the choice between going into a care facility, or moving into a tiny house in her daughter’s backyard. We think this is a really great example of how a home can be used to solve a housing problem.

To keep up with all of Rewild Homes’ awesome tiny house projects, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram pages here:

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  1. I love your channel and this great Tiny House. I believe you could create a line of homes designed for individuals with even more restrictive mobility issues. You could become the leader in this style of design. You are already going to get the attention of seniors for this great design. You could easily widen the doors to accommodate a wheelchair. The bathroom could have a walk in roll in shower. The counter tops in the kitchen could have a section the is lower to accommodate a wheelchair underneath and this lower section of counter could double as a kitchen table/ bar.
    Thanks for the tour!

  2. This is much nicer than those park model homes I’ve seen. It’s weird how those ones have so much more square footage, but seem to have terrible floor plans. This one feels much more spacious. So is this the kind of THOW that has to be towed by a semi?

  3. I could easily see this as a home for someone in a wheelchair as well with some minor differences. A wider bathroom door as well as a wider bathroom for getting in and out of the shower and on and off the toilet. I’d love a place like this.

  4. Love how open it is. Great Idea with the Grab Bars and the Locations. I install bathroom accessories for a living, so maybe I am the only one who appreciates that lol. Great looking tiny house…

  5. So much better than the regular tiny homes. ….huge difference livingwise. This would be something I would choose for sure.

  6. Neat house. I could see it being a great holiday home too. I didn’t catch how the exterior was treated but I guess it has been pressure treated with anti-fungal. Brilliant job.

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