Spectacular Tiny House Boat with The Most STUNNING Interior! Full Tour

Pax is a tiny float home that was lovingly restored and renovated by Jason and Cayley over the course of a year and a half. It was one of 25 boats built Victoria, Canada for Expo ’86 but it had fallen into disrepair. With some incredible woodwork and by the pair, respectively a shipwright and a carpenter, it’s now an absolutely stunning 1 bedroom home on the water!!

This boat is for sale and you can check out the boat listing here:

The houseboat is packed with neat features: a head with a composting toilet and a livestock trough bathtub, a chart table, a bright galley, a handmade curved cedar dinette, a storage staircase, cozy sleeping and relaxing lofts that are connected by a catwalk, and a ladder that leads to a rooftop deck.

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Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Alex Harris

Photo Credits:
– Photos of the build provided by Jason and Cayley
– Photos from the listing by Stellar Real Estate Marketing and provided to us by Maurice Connor

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    • @Andrew Mastrandonas you’re forgetting labor cost. $40,000 materials plus labor cost. Lots of hours on this one. Respect their workmanship.

    • @Andrew Mastrandonas That was the cost of materials. Their time as craftspeople doing every bit of that gut renovation themselves is reflected in the asking price.

    • People who want this lifestyle will not think twice about paying that for it. With the craftsmanship that has gone into this home, the discerning buyer isn’t going to care how much they did or didn’t put into materials.

    • @Andrew Mastrandonas Hahaha. So true…..its a fine line between brilliance and insanity. People who actually do radical things know this best.
      If you think you could do a better job for less money, I would genuinely encourage you to try.
      That way you might create something beautiful, instead of negativity on the internet.

    • @Andrew Mastrandonas Besides the factors others have pointed out, all great points, there is also the market. The cost of homes as well as supplies has risen greatly. Wood is insane!

  1. This is such a beautiful piece of work. You guys must be seriously proud of your “Tiny House” and I am sure that some smart person will see it’s value and buy it pretty soon.

  2. Hi David here a scot living in London your boat is fantastic wish I had it well done to you and your girlfriend thank you for sharing it David

  3. $289.000 ? For real ? It really is pretty and unique…. But wow what a price. Hope y’all get what you’re hoping for…..wow

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