Spectacular Tiny House Truck Made From Salvaged Materials

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Adam and Sian have built an amazing off-the-grid tiny house on the back of a beautiful old Bedford truck. Their home is by solar, and is constructed almost entirely from salvaged materials.

After finding a perfect location to park their home long-term, they have found ways of extending their living space, by building a spacious deck, outdoor kitchen and composting toilet.


‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. Amazing home! I love that they have their own garden and an extra outdoor kitchen. I am curious what they also do to earn the income to have bought their own land and start a new transition! I really hope that once they are done and settled in that you would be able to update us about their new place.

  2. Wow, Bryce you find the most wonderful homes around the world !! I can’t tell you my favorite feature of this home, because there are so many to chose from. I love all the recycled materials, the stained glass, outside shower, deck and the list goes on. As always, looking forward to what you show us next. Safe Travels and Keep up the great work…. I think you are the best tiny home presenter on You Tube ! I also enjoy sharing your videos……

  3. love this couples energy its contageous even through the screen, also would love for you to visit them when they build their other house or even in the proccess of building it 🙂

  4. Magnificent home. The windows, doors, interior/exterior arrangements will leave you in awe of the beauty. Because of the careful planning and resourcefulness, the cost was inexpensive. Thank you for sharing.

  5. That is so beautiful. Love the deck, and the storage and shelving inside is brilliant. As for the outdoor kitchen, it’s similar to what many Thais have in the countryside in Thailand. Love it! And what a great view.

  6. Wow, I adore this sweet couple.  Good vibe and lovely life style, but the BBQ isn’t safe unless *not* under a roof and at least 10 feet from any structure.

    Please read multiple sources to get the entire picture on BBQ safety!

    Like the propane tank they have next to the tiny house – placing it directly on the ground leads to rusting (and potential leaks) and the potential to tip over, causing a leak.

    Stay safe and enjoy!

  7. What an unusual place! It doesn’t seem to make sense to build a tiny house onto a truck if you’re not moving anyway, but it somehow adds to the charm of the place. Open kitchen, open shower (I’m sure the neighbours are loving it ?), outdoor toilet, all things that are making this house really special.

  8. Thank you Bryce, as always SUPERB work. Congratulations on your success well deserved. My favorite feature is- now that’s tough – the whole damn layout – the outdoor kitchen – the indoor kitchen – the fireplace – the loft space – the floor – I really can’t pick one thing it’s the whole thing!

  9. I quite like the toilet outside, I am not fussed with en-suites with toilets probably for similar reasons this young couple was speaking about.

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