Starting over & towing West an off-grid, wood clad tiny home

Harmsen crossed the country by when she was married, but now single she built herself a tiny home on wheels, hitched it to her truck and departed Minnesota to find a new home state (or states). It took her three years to build, but her tiny mobile home provides a security, particularly from extreme Midwestern weather, she never while traveling an RV.

She started with an Iron Eagle trailer (with a drop pan for tiny home builders) and built an insulated, all-wood, off- home for herself and her rescue dog Mazie. With powered by her photovoltaics and ample food and water, she can live for weeks on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management oversees millions of acres of wilderness areas where camping is free and legal). We bumped into her at a rest stop at the edge of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


  1. A lovely lady with a classic designed tiny house which for better or worse reveals just how tiny these structures really are. No camera tricks here. I was taken aback by the realism. The walls were surprisngly dark but are probably very cozy looking at night with a little fire. Sorry, I wasn’t inspired by this. Instead it made me think twice as to whether this lifestyle was for me. Thank you both for your integrity.

  2. 11: 43 sooo true…one day hope can do…but will have to carry self protection gears like guns pepper sprays bear sprays etc. that’s another issue.

  3. My only concern is the front of the tiny house behind the truck and how flat it is..must really lower her MPH vs a more rounder front cap you’d find on more traditional 5th wheels…

    overall though…I LOVE this!

    I’d rather have a bigger truck to use for pulling, but that’s just me! 🙂

  4. Great on the road catch. I’ve been to that ND stop…great view, great little house on wheels…and Minnesota you betcha. Love the bigger stove, fridge, hot water on demand, solar powered. Obviously it needs a BFT to pull it.

  5. I love that you just bumped into her & now we all get to meet her. So happy that she’s doing what she wants. She’s right – fear is what keeps people from breaking out of the box. She’s an inspiration!

  6. I wish her the best of luck. I’m kind of concerned for her. Her self build is very high profile, and will be a sail in high winds. I certainly wouldn’t tow it in anything like the Santa Ana winds we get out her in So. Cal. Every year they tip over tractor trailers.

  7. Those last words really resonate live in a box be in a box get back to the box. You sit and stew about it and it’s true were all just geared like hamsters in our boxes.

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