Stealth tiny cabin in woods recreated in skinny SF backyard

Ten years ago, built an 8 x 10 cabin in a friend’s backyard for $1500. After surrounding it with quickly growing bamboo, he moved into his new home paying only $400 per month in a town where average rent is 5 times that.

Osgood was inspired to build his home after paying $1800 per month rent and recognizing that while his favorite spot was his bamboo garden, most of his neighbors didn’t use their backyards.

He moved into his new abode “Cabana” and began a 9 year experiment in living with just essentials. Osgood, a woodworker, prefabbed the entire home and put it in a day to be as discreet as possible in the urban backyard. Large salvaged form much of two sides of the hut so Osgood, an avid outdoorsman, feels he’s living in nature.


  1. More people should plant bamboo instead of grass, bamboo is one of the most rapidly growing plants in the world and can sequester just as much carbon out of the air as hardwood trees. Much better than a grass lawn.

  2. i only need 80 sq feet, but uses someone elses 300+ sq ft for kitchen, laundry,bathroom etc etc, it just does not work like that

  3. Seems like bit of a fire trap to me. You might as well call it a spare room or enclosed patio at this point since it doesn’t have a kitchen or bath facilities. What happens when his friends move? Bamboo is very invasive, are the roots damaging the foundation, fences, neighbors property?

  4. Not very easily understandable what makes people want to live in an area where You gotta be thankful for a 400 buck arrangement to share a kitchen and a bathroom out of a space less than a garage in a overgrown = lightless spot behind the house ….

  5. Such a great use of an empty backyard space.

    The only bummer is how it got to this point in SF, the city’s irresponsible fiscal mess is staggering. It’s absolutely insane.

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