Stick/Vine Shelter Caves/Hobbit Huts by Patrick Dougherty (tiny houses)-

A -of-the-moment micro-movie clip I shot whilst passing Middlebury College in Vermont, the place that they had an outside art installation on the work of Patrick Dougherty. Middlebury has an incredibly well carried out movie on this work too, but also criminally, despite the fact that its been up for incredibly some time, only had 33 views as of the time of me posting this little movie I just shot. In anycase, I thought these would appeal free-form house builders, and tiny house, shack, fanatics by way of the weird and natural shapes that this artist offers up.

Derek “Deek” runs, is the writer of the tiny house/shelter design guide “ Homes, Simple Shacks…” (through the Lyons Press 2012), and hosts “Tiny Yellow House” TV.


  1. Apparently they’re mostly made of willow (no pun was intended in the video)
    and were installed in 2007 (or so I just read). Its actually commendable
    (if true) that they’re still in such decent shape. -Deek

  2. @ig33ku There is no special technique for growing them. They are young
    saplings of willow. When you cut them that young they are super flexable
    and you can twist them in to the shape you see here and interlock them.
    Very cool looking.

  3. They look like something the monsters would build in “Where the Wild Things
    Are”. Reminds me a lot of their forts.

  4. I have seen that kind of structure here in Oregon, I have read about
    different plants that adapt well to this kind of thing while growing, it
    seems to me I have heard them called fence scrubs. I visited a spot in Maui
    that had larger trees formed this way, maybe room for 10 or 20 people, I
    was told as many as 50-100 arrive for native weddings there. I tried my own
    weaving and found that bugs were attracted to the calm cool space. thanks
    for sharing. yours Earl

  5. Rly cool vid once again 🙂 … Just wunderin , are u gunna make any more
    tiny houses ? I rly love those 😀 im making my own at the moment too 🙂

  6. I would love to have you design a normal sized house for me, i dont think i
    could ever live in something small like the things you normally make but
    your creativity amazes me haha though we may have to leave things like
    water cooler jugs out of it 😛

  7. I heard about this wonderful new “micro shelter” that will come in handy
    next time you want to shoot in the rain. It’s called an umbrella;) Very
    interesting work, brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

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