Still the Tesla of Tiny Houses? #TinyLab with Snow on Top

Grace and Corbett Lunsford have lived in the for almost 2 years, and today is the coldest it’s ever been.


  1. Corbett Is the ABM200 accurate? I am interested in finding total CFM on a return grill and CFM on various supplies. With some vents the air does not blow the same amount on different parts of the vent, maybe stronger toward left and less on the right due to flex duct angle. How does this measure with that circumstance? Can you make your own hood? Thank you

    • It’s been tested by third party labs and is reportedly very accurate. Works much better in any case than a sample using anemometer. And no, sadly, you can’t manufacture your own flow hood for supply, only for return/exhaust.

  2. There have been multiple comments recently on the Facebook page of the “Tiny House People”, complaining about condensation in tiny homes. I posted a link to your video on that page (it has 40,000 members and good for advertising). Most people replied saying to get a dehumidifier and more importantly, leaving a gap in a window has worked for them.

  3. Nice work, i thought you were only living in tiny lab for the tour? It seems to be holding up great!

  4. You could determine your sensible heat ratio with a couple thermo-hydrometers (I use a set of Testo 605i) and an application called MeasureQuick (developed by Jim Bergman). There is also a non-invasive mode for checking a refrigeration system with only pipe and air temperatures. It would be really awesome to see your impressions of the app.

    • Jim actually taught me the non-invasive method for my book! That test (and superheat/subcooling) doesn’t work on minisplits, however- see the installation video we made. And the fraction can be found in the manufacturers’ lit pretty easily, which is where the 95% comes from.

    • Home Performance
      Completely aware of that, but I haven’t purchased a copy of your book to know if you have incorporated non-invasive testing into your diagnostic practices or not.

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