Student built Tiny House Cabin In The Woods (all materials HIKED in!)

With input from Pam and Chris Daniele ( @DirtandGlass ), I (Derek “Deek” Diedricksen) designed and provided the sketches for this cabin, and oversaw its initial framing alongside a group of workshop students at Tiny Summer Camp in 2018 before things got weird in the US. Chris Strathy (aka “The Capable Carpenter” was on hand to help too). Well, two years later we returned to do some more work on this cool grid, solar cabin in the woods and had a chance to check out all the hard work and improvements that the owners had since done themselves. Its a simple little cottage in the woods (a mere 8′ by 12′ at the base- with a sleep loft), but it does have charm and seclusion going for it, among other things. It was also of many we toured/saw at the workshop. Tiny Summer Camp 2022 has already been announced btw, and sign ups are in the links down below. Oh yeah, this cabin utilizes a nearby outhouse as building a toilet IN such a small space might not be realistic (and perhaps er, “odoriferously unappealing”). #dirtandglass #tinycabin #vermonttinyhouse #tinyhouseworkshop

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  1. That is awesome,
    Borrowed Time! The stove is great, Pomoly tent stove? Thanks again,Deek! This may be my fav lil home, besides the AFrame!

  2. In a cabin my sweetie and I would need everything on one level because of mobility issues. Being over 60 with back injuries we don’t get around like we use to.

    A stove would be a must for heat and cooking, as would an indoor bathroom space because of mobility issues.

    We use to enjoy camping before we got hurt on the job… injuries slowed us down a lot.

    We are thinking of moving northern Nevada and are looking at a dog trot style place. The main living space would be 16 maybe 20 feet deep by 24 to 30 feet wide then a 12 to 16 foot covered breezeway with an outdoor kitchen. Then a 16 to 20 foot deep by 12 foot wide studio for friends to stay in or a craft space for us.

    The idea of enclosing the breezeway with roll-up doors for cool to cold weather use is also being tossed around.

    As for building material we are not sure what we will use but are leaning towards ICFs or Rostra blocks.

  3. Deek you have proven time and time again with a little planning and elbow grease dwelling and structures can be made inexpensively. What the drawback is affordable land and getting the infrastructure in place can be expensive-(Water and Sewer). Because most of these structures require cash outlays. No bank or real estate lender is going to finance any of this.

    • Still plenty of cheap land out there though…. esp in less regulated areas…. Anyway, thanks for checking this out

  4. We had a blast building this with you and everyone at the Tiny House Summer Camp! If anyone wants to see more of the updates we did over the past two years – we’ve posted some behind the scenes videos on our channel!

  5. Hey long story short due to covid my son and I became homeless and could not find a place to rent. I bought some land and I’m building a house with out knowing anything learning from YouTube videos. Is there any way you can go over in a video or give some pointers on how to install the chimney for the wood burning stove you have.

  6. Gosh, that cabin is such a dream come true it hurts. No, I don’t want to be a jealous person. I will just save this video to my favourite micro homes playlist and see what I can get built once I find my piece of land. Thank you for this inspiration =)

    • Thats so cool to hear! Thanks- yes, it is a cool cabin- they’ve really made it work/pop/attractive with the elements they personally worked into it.

  7. I want to build a tiny cabin of dirt. ✋🏿🤚🏿
    Lumber is too expensive now. lol

    I already have both your books, but being a toy maker I would LOVE to have one of those tiny tiny house books! 😍

  8. Oh look, Deek put up a new video. Everything hiked in, wow. Better than the robot, double wow. Geez what a long walk, where is he going… OH MY GOD that’s the one we did the year I went! Best summer camp I ever went to.
    ..oh yeah, I guess I do remember carrying windows up there.
    Man it looks amazing. Not sure it’s missing any of my must haves at this point.

  9. DEEEEK… love the black on the shingles. Being a girl, my fave is that kettle and lamp shade. I really must get onto editing that workshop! Sorry it’s not up yet. But watching this is giving me that reminder I needed. No excuse, being in lockdown for god knows how long now. So over it! Love from Melbourne xxx

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