Stunning, Affordable, OFF-GRID Tiny House & Solar Trailer

In this episode we meet a can-do DIY couple who have built themselves an amazing !

This off-the-grid home is powered, with a which has been constructed to house the solar panels, batteries and inverters and which sits next to the house and can easily be repositioned for maximum solar gains, a really idea!

By the home themselves and using mostly reclaimed and recycled materials, Lauren and Michael have been able to construct a dream for a super affordable price.

We hope you enjoy the full of this beautiful tiny house.

Find out more about this tiny house and others on our website:

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston

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  1. This is a build that really takes me back and reminds me of the early days of the tiny house movement in NZ. I’ll always love these simple but beautifully built homes, constructed from reclaimed materials by DIY builders. The very heart of the tiny house movement is encapsulated in tiny houses like this one. We hope you enjoy the tour! With love, Bryce & Rasa

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  3. Such a beautiful couple blessed with such a beautiful home. The surrounding is beautiful n calm n they r blessed to have family members who helped them in constructing this wonderful home

  4. Everything is lovely, what a great place ; but guys not having water in the bathroom sink is a mayor NO NO. You know how many bacterias are in your hands after using the bathroom, main one e coli….so please put water in the bathroom sink….the rest is beautiful….GREAT WORK!!!!!

  5. Solar on a trailer also gets around legal requirements for solar mounted on the ground – there are restrictions on that, however probably not relevant for a small array like that one. Neat idea, though.

  6. Indeed, back to the roots of the movement…that is totally seen in this tiny vision and I really appreciate that…and that barn door perfectly encapsulates that feeling, awesome job kids…!

  7. Such a beautiful and cheerful couple…and their personality is so beautifully reflected in their house…loved how supportive family members were…

  8. Aww, I LOVE that cute little stained glass window, and what a creative way to make it.
    Beautiful home, it has such a lovely warm and cozy feeling. I love how personalized it is, there’s a story to every chosen feature of this house. Truly feels like a home built with love. Well done guys. 🙂

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