Stunning Tiny House with Smart Detachable Trailer Design – Full Tour

At 230 square feet, it was designed for 1 or 2 people to live in, and what’s really unique about it is that it can easily be attached and detached from a trailer which offers several advantages over a traditional tiny house on wheels: it means you don’t have to build around wheel wells, it saves money because the foundation system is a third of the cost of a trailer, and it makes the tiny house more durable because the trailer is the part that could rust or need replacing before the other building materials do.

One of the goals with this tiny house was to make it feel open and spacious, so there is no loft or bedroom in this house, instead they have a large couch that doubles as a bed, and can be extended into a Queen-size bed if two people live here. The couch has storage for the bedding inside it, so the bed can be quickly made up and put away each day.

It has a surprising amount of storage with the full sized closet and lots of kitchen cabinets and drawers. It also has a flex space that could be a or a dining table, and a very spacious at the back.

The home is heated with an in-floor heating system, and it has a ceiling fan and plenty of to circulate air. There is also room to add a ductless mini split for A/C if someone wanted to add that in.

The Nest was designed as a prototype for a non-profit called Creating Roots, that aims to provide housing for foster youth who are out of the system. You can find out more about this important initiative here:

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Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Mat of Exploring Alternatives

With additional footage of the trailer setup filmed by Elise from True North Tiny Homes


  1. You can follow and find out more about True North Tiny Homes here:

    And here is another beautiful True North Tiny Homes model that we filmed in 2019:

    Creating Roots aims to provide housing for foster youth who are aging out of the system. You can find out more about this important initiative here:

  2. Great design and build! Nice to see the in floor heat as a primary heat source. I’m doing the same thing on my build.

    Wondering what system the in floor heating for the pex tubing on the floor is. The black plastic guides.

    Also an open system is another option to think about for the in floor heat, where the domestic water intake runs through the floor first. Has a few advantages, including cooling the floor in the summer.

  3. instead of heating water, you can use alcohol and use a heat exchanger to connect to the stove Boom problem of bacteria solved plus alcohol will never freeze in the pipes

  4. I’d live in that no worries, but only with either a Murphy bed, or much more likely, a drop-down bed. With a drop-down bed, I’d probably re-think the lounge area slightly. But overall, a wonderful tiny house and a wonderful overall concept. Congratulations, I wish you success with the project, however it eventually ends up.

  5. Very interesting. I wondered about the steel floor joists, when he said the house is only as good as the steel trailer, and it looks like the floor joists have plywood under them. To protect?

  6. Well designed, well executed, and beautiful. What’s not to love?
    My only question is, where could you situate it legally?
    I would happily live in this tiny home, were I single.
    I would happily put one in my back yard as a rental unit, if it were legal.
    Thanks for the tour, and kudos to the design/build team.

  7. Cost too much! Some of these tiny home companies are killing the market of “affordability” with their greedy azzez coming in with their high-end money driving up cost! You may as well go get a regular small home built! It’s cheaper!

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