Stunning Tiny Houses of Sedona, Resort & Teacher Housing | S1 E15 Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot

🚚🏠💨 Welcome to episode 15 of Today’s Parking Spot…we made stunning Sedona, AZ home for a week! Our specific parking spot was at the Sedona Charter School that has on-site . Their tiny house was built by the Construction Careers Academy high school program in San Antonio. Urban planner and developer, Darin Dinsmore purchased five student-built houses. The others are at Tiny Camp, a in the enchanting Oak Creek Canyon. In addition to being a , it is also a tiny house demonstration project for the local planning and building departments…
🍗🎉We also enjoyed the Macy’s Day Parade tradition from our and a relaxing experience with Darin and new friends.👉Join us next 1/3 for our next vlog episode!

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  1. Happy Holidays everybody! The time has come to slow down to relish Christmas and New Years with our family and friends. We’ll be back January 3rd for some cheer and tiny house inspiration! 🏡 For now, enjoy past episodes of Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot:

  2. oh no – no more vids until Jan? Thanks for the heads-up. I will miss you. 🙂 Since you will be in CA – are you coming to N CA? I live in Albany, CA (Berkeley). I just came across a guy on youtube who built a tiny home in Oakland in a driveway of a rented house i t’s really sweet. I would love to know how many ‘tiny-housers’ there are in the SF East Bay, if any. I know there are lot of people that would be interested in it, because housing in the SF bay area is insanely expensive.

  3. Another great video, thanks for showing us Tiny Camp! We definitely need to make it up there soon to meet Darren and stay at his amazing property! Have a wonderful Holiday and safe travels!

    • Thank you and Merry Christmas! Baby’s first Christmas too! 💞 We’re looking forward to downtime with the family. ☺️

  4. Love dat casita. I noticed most of these tiny homes have patios or decks, which surely helps to make them spacious. Sedona has such an unusual natural environment. I really enjoyed my travels through the area some years ago.

    • Outdoor living space adds so much. 😊 Really looking forward to going back; feel like we just scratched the surface!

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  6. Such a beautiful area, and thanks for the video! Hope you guys have a very happy holiday and we’ll see you in January!! Woo Hoo!! ☆¸¸ ️‍.•*¨*♫♪✿☆•*´`°•.♥☆.•♪♫✿•* ️‍´`°•.♥ ️‍☆

  7. Always a great video. If your watching you tube and looking for something interesting to do on a day when you have time on your hands, look up “Fractal Antenna” and watch a few of the video’s…..their pretty cool.

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