Super Impressive Tiny House With Master Bedroom

“Our Lee model sits on a 32’ Trailer and features our signature 2′ extension on the rear making it 34′ over its entirety. Our goal for this layout was to have a little more living area space and a smaller but still very usable kitchen space. The Lee boasts a main floor master bedroom with huge closet space as well as an alternating step staircase to the second-floor loft bedroom. Very spacious pass through bathroom with walk in shower and washer/dryer combo. The use of quality materials and our superior building methods will have this home lasting from generation to generation.”

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Built by Moveable Roots in Melbourne, Florida:


  1. It looks like there’s just the counter/kitchen right when you get in but no actual living space. It would be better if you do a walkthrough.

  2. Just no idea what I’d use that loft space for but it’s nice to have. Only thing I’d want is bar windows for outside seating and maybe a l shaped couch and the tv mounted lower 😂

  3. I agree that the video doesn’t give us a chance to really see the home. The stairs look dangerous from what I saw of them

  4. Through bathrooms access to sleeping area’s Tiny Homes, are a no, NO!…for me…So, thanks but no thanks!

  5. It’s ultra modern while also being cozy and comfortable and I love the beautiful finishes. It also seems efficient, bright and spacious. The video was nicely done and it features the home rather than someone’s “personality.” I liked it because I am not buying someone to live in it. Here are the issues I see: Why are the steps shaped shorter on one side like that? The “living area” is a bit too elongated looking with just the one sofa directly in front of that big screen TV. ONE smaller TV hidden somewhere for extreme cases of nothing else to do would be better than encouraging a lot of TV watching. The cost of this one defeats the whole tiny home affordability factor. This tiny home costs more than the three bedroom home I live in right now. Bring those prices down somehow – cut corners on TVs!

  6. this is no way 90k , it dont fucking care how modern the interior is , space =Price , unbelievable how they scam people with this tiny uncomfortable shit , this is just something for holiday but i would never ever live there for the rest of my life

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