Super Pool House Shed as a Tiny House? This one is pretty awesome!

I’ve seen A LOT of , and I’ve built quite a few of them as well, and this one is pretty awesome- AND easily has the potential to be converted into a , or a getaway cabin in the woods- even a small ? Check out the space, the layout, and the outdoor living possibilities as well in this quick tour. If anything, like most of the and cabin videos we have on this channel, it might give you some “do” or “don’t” ideas for your future DIY build- whether its a skoolie, tiny camp, hunting cabin, or an elaborate place to change, lounge, and/or barbecue near your swimming pool.

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  1. Ugh, I hate these premieres. I keep clicking on them thinking they’re live now whilst I take a work break. First world problems maybe, but I thought YT was supposed to be on-demand

  2. I’ll glad you stopped to video it! I would make the room with windows a kitchen and the other small room a real bathroom and laundry room. I would certainly use the high ceiling for more loft space. I love that it’s not just a long rectangle building.

  3. Hi Deek!
    I’ve been thinking about using Trex decking on my tiny house deck. Can you tell what it is you don’t like about it? I am always interested in your opinions on builds and building materials. Thanks!

    • The synthetic wood feels like plastic on my bare feet, would not be able to be composted at its end life, plus pretend wood smells icky.

    • @Tamera Davis It degrades a bit over time too (almost gets furry/splintery- hard to explain), but mainly it can sag in the heat- esp if replacing wood decking with 16″ o.c. joists….

  4. Your thoughts on this one? Mine- the space over the front overhang/porch is unused- not sure why- but there is probably a lot of hidden/usable space entombed in there- even if just for storage. Otherwise, this one has some real good potential.

    • I really like this one! The adjustable screen on the porch, high ceilings, etc. Do they make them locally? I would rig the porch to close up in winter. Lofts in both areas I bump out one with a dormer with window.

  5. That shed part would be my bathroom and I’d remove the door altogether to the white room and make that the kitchen. The loft would be storage and I’d have a couch/bed conversion in the main room.

  6. I love the colors of this building. I would paint it all white inside and instead of so much porch area, extend the living space out further. The grey & white is beautiful ! ☺️

  7. Deek, if you’re ever in Memphis, TN you should come check out Cook Portable Buildings. They are made with a lifetime warranty & good quality. I have one already & having another one delivered any day now that I will eventually turn into a tiny home / cottage in the woods. 😁 Thanks for all your great videos !!! ☺️

  8. Love the outdoor bar area! So spacious inside! Knowing me, I’d build more storage up in that empty area. Cool video! Thanks! 🙂

  9. I think I’d actually keep the white bedroom and lose the mudroom for a bathroom. Then I’d put the sink in the corner and run a counter along the back wall. I’d be one of those weird people with a bathroom right next to the kitchen but it’d keep plumbing cost down and it’s not like you’d get very far away in a tiny house.

  10. A different take on “shed living”. It beats the boxy look you find on most of these. Tons of upper storage potential. just not a big fan of having to use a lot of ladders. The older i get the less balance I have. I think that would work for younger adults. I hit the big 65 this year and level living is a must now.

  11. Struggling to get a sense of scale inside butt would it be possible to extend the ceiling/loft for enough to make a sleeping area? As mentioned a window is a must up there.
    The room with the hatch is clearly the kitchen and the outdoor space the dining room. The access door to the back bathroom should be changed to be on the kitchen. Glaze the front area to make a conservatory for cooler climates.
    Add a cheap lean to for storage and to keep the wind/sun off.

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