This colorful Tiny House is saving him $1250 a month!

September 9, 2022 john 20 22003 12:31

Derek lost his mother to cancer when he was just 19 years old. At the time, he was living in an expensive apartment. Inspired by his mother’s memory, he decided to downsize and buy a used Tiny House with the inheritance she left him. Now he has cut his housing costs by more than 80%…

1985 railroad trailer renovated into a CUTE tiny home!

June 17, 2022 john 20 81759 16:00

Hannah bought a railroad trailer for just $350 at an auction and then turned it into a cute tiny home! ———– BONUS CONTENT ———- ———-CREDITS————— PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHER: Matt Alexander EDITING BY: Marcia Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed 0:00 Intro 0:38 Meet Hannah and…

This Tiny House is a Path to Financial Freedom

June 12, 2022 john 24 12659 15:53

Business inquires or music submissions: Music: Epidemic Sound Affiliate link: West Side Story (Instrumental Version) – Roy Edwin Williams Got Caught in Amsterdam – Arc De Soleil Badlands – Walt Adams Mumbo Sugar – Arc De Soleil Just a Four Leg Walk – Harry Edvino Filmed by Edited by

Smart Gen Z 1st Time Home Buyer Gets TINY HOUSE – affordable city life

June 3, 2022 john 24 17993 18:57

Thanks to our sponsor Skillshare! The 1st 1,000 folks to use our link will get a 1-month FREE trial: 🌈 Meet Derek, a Gen Z tiny house owner in Portland, Oregon. He purchased an affordable preowned tiny home that he’s customized to express himself & better meet his needs & his roommate’s. Derek is…

Unique CONTAINER HOMES of all sizes & designs -facility tour

April 29, 2022 john 19 17645 13:04

Are you interested in building your own container home? Tony is offering a free online class on 5/5/22. Check it out here: Disclosure: As an affiliate of the above course, I will receive a small percentage of any purchases made through this link. VIDEO DESCRIPTION: 5 years ago, Tony built a container home in…

This Incredible Tiny Home Could be The Most AFFORDABLE Housing in North America

April 24, 2022 john 29 23107 08:49

This Incredible Tiny Home Could be the most affordable housing option in North America. It’s getting very hard to find a new home that checks the affordability box but it’s a big market so companies are trying to find new ways to keep housing affordable. A company called Incredible Tiny Homes out of Newport Tennessee…

2 tiny homes parked side by side for two sisters & a baby!

January 28, 2022 john 21 65198 13:53

Sisters buy two tiny homes, decorate them completely different, & park next to each other in a Tiny House community. Thanks to Acorns for sponsoring! Click my link: to get a $10 bonus investment when you sign up to grow your oak! T&C’s apply. MORE INFO ON THIS COMMUNITY: ———– BONUS CONTENT ———-…

Mom + daughter tiny house – might be nicest Tiny Home ever!

October 29, 2021 john 23 73299 17:39

Jen downsized into a Tiny House after her “American Dream life” did not work out. She got a divorce, sold her large home, and was able to have a really nice Tiny Home designed and built to perfectly fit her taste and needs as a single mom. She talks about how she is redefining the…

His micro studio apartment hidden inside of an old work truck

October 22, 2021 john 20 17606 15:16

Jason takes us on a tour of his mini studio apartment on wheels, which is actually inside of a box truck. He built out this van so that he can live in the space while attending grad school and avoiding the high rent prices in the city. ———-CREDITS————— PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHER:…

They built a $50k TINY HOME for long term affordable housing

October 1, 2021 john 25 24681 15:55

Take a tour of Das Kleine Tiny House, which features a dutch door, penny floor, eye-catching roof, and so many gorgeous interior accents. The owners, Erika and Ray, describe why they chose to downsize and build a Tiny House for more affordable housing. ———-CREDITS————— PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHER: Matt Alexander EDITOR:…