TINY HOUSE Provides Affordable Housing & Waterfront Views

September 18, 2020 john 20 20565 10:25

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: John and Amy have been living in their modern Tiny House in New Haven, CT for the past three years. Their minimalist lifestyle allows them to affordably own a home in the city with beautiful waterfront views! Take a tour of their gorgeous home, and you’ll be surprised how much stuff they DON’T…

Young Couple Climb Onto The Housing Ladder With Incredible Tiny Home

September 17, 2020 john 20 138703 13:36

This weeks episode showcases a dynamic young couple and their amazing first tiny home. This home is modern, stylish and was an affordable way for them to get into their very own house in a city where most young people have been priced out of the housing market. Especially in cities like Auckland, where the…

She Bought a Used TINY HOUSE to Live Simply in Montana

September 4, 2020 john 21 26741 06:54

BEFORE BUYING A USED TINY HOUSE, READ THIS ARTICLE: https://tinyhousegiantjourney.com/2020/09/03/used-tiny-house/ VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Adelle downsized from a 1500 sq foot house into a used 260 sq foot Tiny House on wheels. She now can afford to work less and has more time to play outside in beautiful Montana. This super simple design is all she needs!…

Solo Mother’s Charming Tiny House Gives Financial Freedom

August 6, 2020 john 20 133862 12:33

In this weeks episode we meet Michelle, an inspirational solo mother who has constructed a beautiful tiny home in order to gain financial freedom now that her children have left home. With her Children now older, this new empty nester has constructed a wonderful place to call home for less than the cost of a…

TINY HOUSE Built Affordably w/ Non-Toxic Reclaimed Materials

June 12, 2020 john 22 18344 10:12

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Andrea and Megan built a non-toxic Tiny House using mostly reclaimed materials to save on costs.They did this so that they could afford to live on a the expensive west coast while attending school and teaching english. MORE TINY HOUSE STORIES: Website: http://www.tinyhousegiantjourney.com ADDITIONAL MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/ OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed ADDITIONAL…

Cantilevered containers become popup housing for NYC creators

May 24, 2020 john 24 65497 13:33

New York City rents are unattainable for most artists, but at one marina in Queens, stacked shipping containers provide instant access to livework spaces. Eight intermodal containers stacked two high serve as work spaces for artists making surfboards, blowing glass and crafting jewelry. The containers are cantilevered to provide patio space for the upstairs units.…

Amazon enters housing market selling tiny houses | 7NEWS

December 6, 2019 john 15 10877 01:20

The concept of the ‘tiny house’ is a little more mainstream with @amazon now selling the homes for around $60,000. While some say the dwellings are an answer to the housing crisis, others say current laws make them almost impossible to live in. Connect with 7NEWS online Visit » http://7NEWS.com.au #Amazon #TinyHomes #7NEWS

First-Ever Veteran’s Tiny House Community in Phoenix

May 26, 2019 john 28 7102 10:39

In the heart of Phoenix, tiny houses are being built to create more affordable housing. And in late 2018, the first tiny house community for homeless veterans opened. Arizona non-profit, Build Us Hope built it with sustainable principles, long-term durability, and aesthetically pleasing design in mind. V13 was built on a vacant lot within an…

Before You Say Tiny Houses Are TOO Expensive Consider This

May 23, 2019 john 47 4302 21:41

LIVE w/Christian & Alexis: Are tiny houses truly more affordable or are they over-hyped and over-priced? Let’s discuss! Featuring cost comparisons of a tiny house on wheels + parking, to RVs, traditional houses and median rent across the USA. ✨Resources Featured: Tiny house for sale: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/family-size-tiny-house-on-wheels New tiny house on foundation communities: -Clarkston, GA (Atlanta…