Beautiful AIRSTREAM RENOVATION is Couple’s Full Time Home

September 11, 2020 john 23 22095 16:42

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Val and Josh are no stranger to the RV lifestyle. After downsizing to a 5th wheel trailer, they decided to go TINIER and purchased an Airstream to renovate into a beautiful home on wheels! Together with their three cats, they not live the #Airstreamlife while working full time on the road. ———— CREDITS…

Is this Coastal TINY HOUSE COMMUNITY the Ideal Lifestyle?

June 26, 2020 john 20 36898 14:18

LEARN MORE ON THE TINY HOUSE BLOG: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Tiny Tranquility is a Tiny House Community located on the central Oregon coast with full-time 38 Tiny Home residents. Also on the property is a community green house, living room, game room, large shared kitchen, and more! The beach is only 5 minutes away, and…

Tour this Family’s Incredible Vintage Airstream Renovation

April 17, 2020 john 25 24082 13:29

MORE TINY HOUSE TOURS & STORIES: Website: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: This family of six downsized 5 years ago into a fifth wheel trailer, and later renovated an even smaller vintage airstream. They live full time on the road! In the video, they take us on a tour of their off-grid Tiny Home. ————– CREDITS —————…

Retro Airstream Renovated Into Stylish Modern Tiny House

December 1, 2019 john 20 129904 15:06

Of all the caravans, there are few more iconic than the Airstream. In this weeks episode, we explore an incredible renovation project where a retro 1960’s caravan has been beautifully restored into a modern, stylish tiny house on wheels designed for full time living and travel. As an interior designer, August has filled his home…

Tiny Vintage Camper RENOVATION – Before, After & WOW!

July 30, 2019 john 20 27355 10:20

Jenna & Nabil spent one year renovating a 1971 fiberglass vintage trailer with pop-top! The end result is sleek and adorable. ————– CREDITS ————— TITLE MUSIC: Peter Kuli | Track: “Love It” Listen: ADDITIONAL MUSIC: EDITOR: Jenna Spesard

Newlyweds Renovate 1959 Airstream into Gorgeous Tiny Home

March 9, 2019 john 19 11101 12:31

Danielle & Hy Boltz renovated an Airstream vintage trailer into their dream Tiny House. ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed EDITORS: Dallen Detamore Jennifer Gonzalez Jenna Spesard Additional photography provided by: Danielle & Hy Boltz

Modern cabin hangs like a treehouse over Acadian New England

November 8, 2016 john 20 19839 12:47

Maricela Salas and Mary McGoff admit they were “naive” about buying raw land before making their purchase of a hillside lot in the Berkshires. It turned out to be too steep and rocky for a traditional foundation. To avoid “blasting” and ruining their beloved refuge, their contractor Arthur Jackson (of The Small Building Company) created…

SC hobbyist on building DIY geodesic mobile dwelling for 7K

August 2, 2016 john 0 25559 19:03

Hobbyist Michael R Weekes believes that tiny homemakers haven’t gone far enough “to do more with less”, so using the ideas of Buckminster Fuller, he built what he calls “the lightest 115 square feet of living on the planet”. At 1500 pounds, the 8-foot-wide, 14-foot-long Lifepod is what Weekes calls “the most house that can…

GORGEOUS Vintage Airstream Trailer “Tiny House” Makeover

July 18, 2016 john 8 1391 11:57

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders” and author of “Microshelters”) takes a tour (with Steven Harrell of and Dustin Diedricksen), of an airstream trailer that was renovated and re-invisioned by Travis Pyke and his team at Wind River Tiny Homes. This particular Airstream has a transforming/expanding bed, an indoor and outdoor shower, and…

$150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home (downloadable plans)

December 6, 2015 john 0 11476 12:34

Paul Elkins makes things: driveable plastic cars, tipis, treehouses, fluted-plastic boats and many micro-shelters. He made his first micro-RV a few years ago when he built his post-apocalyptic bicycle camper for Burning Man. Paul Elkins fell for micro-camping in 2002 when he toured the country in his “stealth camper” (a pickup truck with cabover turned…