This Tiny House Is Actually A Submarine!

August 27, 2020 john 20 118022 14:11

In this weeks episode we visit an incredible tiny home which has been constructed out of an old grain silo and transformed into a whimsical yellow submarine themed dwelling. For those who love ultra creative projects, this is a must see video! The yellow submarine has almost entirely been constructed using up-cycled materials. From old…

The Pinecone Treehouse: A Spectacular Tiny Home In The Trees

October 14, 2018 john 20 24961 14:30

This treehouse is one you need to see to believe. Shaped like a pinecone and suspended from a circle of towering redwood trees, this geometric masterpiece hangs suspended like an otherworldly temple amongst the canopy. Constructed by treehouse master-builder Dustin Feider, this home in the treetops is not only a work of art, but also…

This Floating Tiny Cabin Is The Ultimate City Escape

August 17, 2018 john 20 60547 12:14

When this family grew tired of life in the city, they decided to sell up and start a new life together in the country, purchasing land in rural New Zealand and building the ultimate city escape, a tiny floating cabin which was constructed on pontoons. Originally, this tiny house / cabin was meant to be…

Tiny Mountain Houses I Grand Teton @ The Oakview

July 25, 2016 john 5 534 03:32

Lou and Nick take a trip to Bolinas, CA where The Oakview Air BnB has been utilizing one of our homes, The Grand Teton, for their Bnb location. We couldn’t be more excited to take you through this wonderful home located in such a beautiful setting.

Custom 25′ Castle Peak – Tiny Mountain Houses

March 27, 2016 john 1 379 05:18

*Best Watched in HD* Lou Pereyra, Principal of Tiny Mountain Houses, takes us through the newly completed 25′ Custom Castle Peak model. This model is a spacious 340 sq ft and boasts two large lofts. Come on in! Website: Instagram – @TinyMountainHouses Twitter – @TinyMtnHouses