Awesome Skoolie Tiny Home for traveling musician w/ studio

May 19, 2023 john 0 20661 13:40

CJ converted a school bus into a Tiny House on wheels for just $5k including the purchase price of the bus! The interior is very spacious with a 25″ roof lift, lofted bedroom, and room for his own recording studio! _______________________ ________________________ MORE MORE MORE! CREDITS PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHER: Mark Dexter…

This vintage bus was converted to a tiny house for $10k?! Watch the tour!

May 13, 2022 john 15 61906 15:34

The first 1,000 people to use my code TINYHOUSEGIANTJOURNEY0522 or use this link to sign up will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Sam was a long distance hiker living out of his backpack before converting this bus. Then he decided to “upsize” by purchasing a run-down vintage bus and…

Young couple builds tiny house inside of an old school bus!

November 2, 2021 john 17 510521 16:37

Take a tour of this gorgeous school bus conversion or skoolie, recently built by a young couple that dreamed of life on the road with their two adorable dogs. They spent over 2.5 years creating this beautiful Tiny House on wheels, and now they live full time on the road. ———-CREDITS————— PRODUCED & HOSTED BY:…

Gorgeous Skoolie Home for Family Downsizing w/ 2 Daughters

August 13, 2021 john 13 427438 12:31

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the Bougie Bus! Take a tour of this young family’s new Tiny House – a converted school bus that they renovated themselves! The DIY layout is stunning, and they especially designed the home with their 2 young daughters in mind. ———-CREDITS————— PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHERS: Dallen Detamore Jennifer…

Tricked-Out SKOOLIE w/ Bar & Roof Deck – Self-Built

October 24, 2020 john 12 50647 15:32

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Justin Collins built a tricked-out adventure home on wheels by converting a short bus into an amazing RV. Take a tour of the inside to see the full bar, sleeping for four, propane stove, and amazing passenger seat that offers a thrilling experience! ————– CREDITS ————— PRODUCER / HOST: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHER: Matt…

Tall School Bus Conversion w/ Roof Raise (only $26k)

July 31, 2020 john 15 176071 15:15

TINY HOUSE STORIES & RESOURCES: Website: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Kels and Jay converted a school bus into a gorgeous rolling home on a tight budget (under $30k). Their home features a wood stove, narrow shower & toilet area, roof top deck, expanding desk & entertainment area, an innovative couch design, and an outdoor basketball hoop…

Skoolie Conversion – Bus Life Tour During Self Isolation

May 1, 2020 john 20 417500 15:03

MORE SKOOLIE TOURS & STORIES: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Chris and Sarah take us on a tour of their amazing skoolie conversion during covid-19 self isolation. See what it’s like to live in less than 200 square feet during a pandemic lockdown. ————– CREDITS ————— EDITOR: Marcia Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT:…

She Converted a Shuttle Bus into an Adorable Tiny Home

October 28, 2019 john 19 1012070 12:19

Gloria gutted and reimagined a shuttle bus into a beautiful rolling tiny home. She now converts buses and vans into homes for other adventurous spirits. ————– CREDITS ————— EDITOR: Marcia Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed