Are tiny houses illegal in Canada?

July 15, 2016 john 2 379 05:12

Ashley Baptiste lives in the countryside of Calgary with his wife and two boys. He works 80 hours a week in order to, maybe one day, make his tiny home community come true. Meanwhile, his hard work and perseverance have paid off since Parks Canada contacted his company for a Tiny House pilote-project…

Laura & Rory’s “Blueberry” Tiny House in Vancouver, BC

March 28, 2016 john 48 8404 13:25

Laura and Rory spent one whole year building their tiny home in Vancouver, British Columbia, and it is one of the most well-thought spaces we’ve seen yet! Their barn shaped roofline expands the interior living space without compromising aesthetic. Other features include a storage staircase, full shower, compost toilet, full range, concrete countertop, and much…

#vanlife with no filter: couple records work/life on wheels

February 15, 2016 john 0 4913 47:51

Shelby and Simon are wedding photographers from Ottawa, Canada who had become enamored by the hashtag vanlife. “We started getting hooked on it, all those Instagram pictures that we saw of people parked in state and national parks, oh check out this parking spot it’s on the edge of a cliff and I’ve got this…

Kequyen’s Tiny House in British Columbia

October 8, 2015 john 19 3888 03:30

Kequyen Lam shares his modern and tastefully-minimalist tiny house in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. For more DIY tips, tours, off-grid living, tiny houses listed daily, please visit