Cute Tiny House Parked in a Tiny Home Village

May 19, 2018 john 25 7866 06:17

Take a tour of “Zoe” a Tiny House, one of the ten Tiny Homes currently parked at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village. Built by Tumbleweed Tiny Homes. VIDEO SPONSOR: DRONE SHOTS: Jonathan Benabed

Experiments in tiny, communal living at former Paris hospital

March 18, 2018 john 21 6777 14:00

On the grounds of an abandoned hospital in Paris, the cabin-makers of “Yes We Camp” have installed one-of-a-kind overnight shelters: a fishing cabin on stilts, an elevated CNC-cut nest, hexa-structures, cocoon on stilts with a view of the stars, a Polynesian-inspired, lime and straw shack, a charred wood hut, an urban lighthouse bunk room and…