Boat Builder’s Incredible 20ft Shipping Container Home – Revisited

February 23, 2019 john 20 107036 15:07

In this revisited episode, we are back with Evans and his incredible 20ft shipping container home. Go to and use code LIVINGBIG to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free. Protect yourself online today! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been more than two years since we…

Shipping Container Becomes Fabulous Backyard Tiny Home

February 10, 2019 john 20 7075 06:52

A 33 foot (cut down from a 40 foot) shipping container is turned into this family’s backyard modern Tiny House. —— INFORMATION ON THIS HOME ——- Shipping Container Construction by: Container Guys Intl. Rent this Tiny House on AirBNB: ———-CREDITS———— ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed PHOTOS & VIDEOGRAPHY PROVIDED BY:…

3 x 20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Amazing Compact Home

February 3, 2019 john 20 219923 16:27

I’m always amazed at how people can turn shipping containers, hard, cold metal boxes, into some of the most beautiful, warm and welcoming homes. That’s exactly what this young couple from Victoria have done, transforming 3 20ft shipping containers into a wonderful, functional house. Everywhere you look, Richard and Amy have packed their container home…

Custom Off-Grid Container Tiny House | AirBnB

October 18, 2018 john 31 23907 05:49

For sale here: “This model is a 20′ container that is built out to be used for full time living, a guest room or as an air bnb / vacation rental to generate additional income. The unit is designed with the highest quality material and completed by master craftsman. This unit can be placed…

40ft Shipping Containers Transformed Into Amazing Off-Grid Family Home

June 3, 2018 john 20 69493 14:50

This amazing small home has been built using two 40ft high cube shipping containers, slightly of-set from one another to create a stunning, off-the-grid family home. Feeling inspired to downsize after watching tiny home and small house design videos online, this couple decided to take the plunge into designing and building a shipping container home…

Side-door container 2nd life as WA’s ski town outdoorsy home

November 14, 2017 john 26 23513 14:30

Shiah Lints was tired of life in a 2500 converted farmhouse, so he bought a side door shipping container to convert it into a tiny new home. The “train car” style container is built to open completely on two sides so Shiah didn’t need to make any cuts (and thereby lose structural strength). Containers are…

CA automated container home on a budget obeys voice commands

June 26, 2017 john 20 26439 11:14

As co-founder of Oakland’s shipping container live/work commune, which we dubbed “Containertopia” in 2014, Luke Iseman has been pushing the limits of container living for years. For his most recent experiment, he attached an Raspberry Pi and a relay board to his ever-evolving “Boxouse” and with voice automation (specifically Amazon Alexa), he created a very…

Hydraulic doors transform containers in retrotronic shelters

May 1, 2017 john 17 27905 14:29

Comparing their work to reanimating a corpse, Matthew Quilty and Adam Kalkin believe in giving new life to unused shipping containers. They have turned these industrial corpses into homes, mobile kitchens/cafes, and event spaces. “In the United States today there are about a half a billion containers just sitting there, about 70% of those are…

The Intellectual Container Tiny House Is For Sale

January 5, 2017 john 20 22882 01:44

The “Intellectual Tiny House” container home was built in Longmont, Colorado from an old shipping container. The idea is to create an awesome home from something already used. More info. and for sale here: Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily:

Top 5 Tiny Houses of 2016

December 23, 2016 john 20 11910 03:50

2016 has been an incredible year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing you tours of all the amazing tiny houses I’ve discovered on my travels this year. Here is a list of my favourite 5! ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © 2016 Zyia Pictures Ltd