Single mom & daughter tiny house on her own private land

November 10, 2023 john 20 27667 20:58

Yoshino’s Black Friday Deals are live now, running from Nov. 10 – Nov. 30. Save up to a whopping $1200! Discover the deals: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Stephanie, a single mother, built a custom tiny house as means to achieve home ownership. She talks about how she’s ensured the space can grow with her young daughter,…

She Lives Off The Grid in her Custom Tiny House

October 28, 2023 john 22 39018 11:33

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Glenice lives full time in this custom off grid tiny house build. What makes this tiny home unique is the fact that it is completely off the grid. Glenice gets her power from the sun and water from a collection pool on the property. The kitchen…

Stunning TINY HOME in a TINY HOUSE VILLAGE w/ 4 pets!

October 27, 2023 john 23 16683 13:01

Matheu and Taylor have purchased a custom tiny home that allows them to live comfortably with their puppy, two cats, and pet turtle. This young couple shares what it means to be first time home owners at Island Cove Park in Durango, CO, and talk about how the space works for their family. _______________________ ________________________…

Couple builds their affordable DREAM HOME for $50k in a Tiny House Village

September 22, 2023 john 20 31932 17:09

Ryan and Julie built a custom Tiny House, which has allowed them to live affordably and enjoy home ownership in a Tiny House Village in San Diego County. MORE ON THIS TINY HOUSE VILLAGE – TINY HOUSE BLOCK: _______________________ ________________________ MORE MORE MORE! CREDITS PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHY BY: Dallen Detamore…

Three Tiny Houses we are building right now!

March 31, 2018 john 6 4759 07:32

A quick tour of 3 California Tiny Houses being built in our shop that were featured at the last open house. We have different custom models being built all the time, so don’t miss the next one! Featured: 8’x20′ loft landing, 10’x24′ three bedroom, 8’x24′ California King Bedroom