Now This TINY HOUSE Will Turn Heads!

May 26, 2023 john 20 101432 16:06

Now this is a tiny house that will turn some heads! DIY built and packed to the rafters in style, this home is beautiful in every which way you look. This modern tiny house is nothing short of stunning. Just wait until you see the incredible interior! I’m always such a big fan of visiting…

Big Guy in a TINY HOUSE- Deek’s Half A-Frame Cabin “The Dart”

May 11, 2023 john 14 5109 08:09

Having initially built the original prototype for this cabin (for the sake of creating its plans) in 2015/2016 or so in North Carolina, its nice to see a few of these builds now surfacing. “The Dart” (plans linked below) is a slight visual and spatial spin on a traditional a-frame in that its basically an…

I moved in!!! (Building a Tiny House)

March 19, 2023 john 18 339007 17:28

This week i finally moved my tiny house to it´s temporary final location! visit my shop: The brands and friends I work with

NEVER TOO SMALL: Stargazing Off Grid Tiny House, Australia – 19sqm/204sqft

March 9, 2023 john 14 224295 05:44

To learn more about Stella The Stagazer, Visit Victoria’s newest limited-edition off-grid accommodation experience head to & Designed and built by the talented team at ample, Stella is a uniquely Victorian mobile tiny home built using salvaged and repurposed material from an original farm shack. A three kilowatt solar system, 4000 liter water…

This Tiny House Is Exceptionally Well Designed

January 22, 2023 john 22 28880 12:21

Go to our sponsor for 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help. Curtis and Victoria built a diy tiny house. Check out this tiny home walkthrough of their incredible tiny homes. Their home even includes a 3d printer. Business inquires or…

The walls are DONE!! Building a Tiny House…FAST!

December 25, 2022 john 12 323910 17:37

This week we built the walls for my Tiny House!! Thanks to my friend Semjon it all came together so much faster than I thought! Follow him @HandcraftedLife ❤️ visit my shop: The brands and friends I work with