Little Tahoma Peak Walkthrough – Tiny Mountain Houses

March 31, 2016 john 2 375 07:29

Lou takes us through our brand new Little Tahoma Peak! Customers are calling this one the ‘bachelor/bachelorette’ model of Tiny Mountain Houses. That’s fine with us! That hints at the sleek and stylish interiors we so adamantly wanted to put in this house. Enjoy the views around with 80″ windows and store anything you need…

Tiny Mountain Houses – Castle Peak ‘Big Red’ Walkthrough

March 29, 2016 john 3 428 08:18

Lou takes us through a gorgeous custom built version of the #CastlePeak model. This house is stunning and actually features many beautiful standard ‘options’ to keep cost low. We’re so excited to say that this is now in the possession of a very happy customer!