A Dream Tiny House Design w/ 2 Lofts! Full Tour

November 8, 2023 john 20 18643 05:21

In this weeks episode we take a quick tour of a tiny house located on 14 acres of private property. Inside is spacious and bright with surprise storage under the steps and 2 separate loft spaces. The bathroom is large enough to include a washer and dryer! BECOME A HOST – https://airbnb.vaz6fn.net/levikelly2 As an Airbnb…

A Dream Family Tiny House Design

September 1, 2023 john 19 100916 19:44

In this weeks episode we meet an inspiring couple who have designed an incredible tiny home for their young family. There’s plenty of space, with a large living room and kitchen and a playroom for the kids. Everything has been designed with easy family living and safety for the children in mind, with secure features…

Dream Tiny House Perfect For Family Life

March 6, 2022 john 15 457103 18:04

This dream tiny house is perfect for family life! After spending years saving for a conventional home but constantly falling short of a housing market out of control, Lloyd and Kylee took the bold step to build an unconventional home for their family and have never looked back! This tiny home is packed full of…

Full Tour of This Incredible 250sqft Tiny House Airbnb!

March 4, 2022 john 17 81502 09:11

Today we tour a very tiny 250 square foot aframe cabin on Jefferson lake! Great views, amazing use of space, uniquer layout and design, what more could you ask? Prayer Requests? Email me! Thanks so much for watching and the support! #airbnb #aframe #tinyhouse

Family Build Epic Modern-Country Style Tiny House

March 4, 2021 john 14 1860005 19:22

For your chance to win a Tiny Home worth up to $150,000 and support a great cause, go to http://omaze.com/LBTH. This family have created a stunning off-the-grid tiny home for themselves! Adam and Michelle are a build dream team. One a builder and the other an interior designer, between them they have created a spectacular…

This Family Downsized Their Home To Upsize Their Life

January 21, 2021 john 14 2845565 18:06

In this weeks episode we meet a beautiful young family who chose to sell their conventional home in the city, move to the country and build a tiny house, downsizing their home, but upsizing their quality of life! Selling a conventional home and going tiny has allowed this couple to become debt and mortgage free,…

Top Ideas For Kids In Tiny Houses

October 22, 2020 john 10 1039231 25:12

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, ‘what happens if people want to start a family in a tiny house?’ In this weeks episode, we take a look at some family tiny houses and the clever ways that people have made their homes child friendly. For some, the idea of having kids…

Japanese Meets Scandinavian Design In Zen Inspired Tiny House

May 7, 2020 john 16 2094020 15:39

This zen-inspired tiny house is a spectacular blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Packed full of super clever ideas, creative storage solutions and beautifully built, this home is one you will definitely want to check out! Several years ago now, we visited the Zen tiny house in Byron Bay, Australia. There, Nadia and Kester had…

Simple Living In Artistic Tiny Home With Huge Greenhouse

July 21, 2019 john 17 1033275 13:12

After moving from Toronto to Victoria, Natasha and her daughter were looking for a fresh start and a new lifestyle. A desire to simplify life, create more free time and live closer to nature lead them to the decision to build a tiny house on wheels where it is now situated on a beautiful rural…

Proof Families Can Live In A Tiny House

October 28, 2018 john 28 65453 03:02

With a downstairs bedroom and two lofts above, The Archer has more than enough sleeping places for everyone in the family to catch some z’s. Add a deck to this lovely tiny house and you’ll have plenty of breathing room. It kind of reminds me of what my Mom used to say when I was…