Is it a Tiny Barndominium or Garage Apartment?? 500 Sqft Home Tour

April 12, 2024 john 23 56864 13:59

Thanks to our sponsor! Save 15% off a Sunjoy Pop-Up Gazebo today with our code THE15: 🌞 Welcome to the Woodstock Farmhouse, a 500 sqft home that could be called a garage apartment or barndominium. It’s an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Portland, Oregon–available for rent on Airbnb. We share a tour AND our…

Step Inside a Rustic Farmhouse on Wheels | Tour the Charming 26′ Tiny House! 🏡🌾

April 9, 2024 john 3 3708 06:21

Find more details about this tiny home here: Welcome to the rustic charm of a farmhouse on wheels! 🏡🌾 Join us on a tour of this 26′ tiny house that captures the essence of country living in a compact mobile space. Inspired by the rustic allure of farmhouse aesthetics, this tiny house offers cozy…

Beautiful Simple Living in a Tiny House Sanctuary

April 5, 2024 john 20 99770 20:36

Molly is an inspiring young woman who lives simply and beautifully in her dream tiny house. This is a sanctuary space that reflects her values and all the things that are truly important to her, all embodied in the walls she has built around herself. Her home. Situated on a dream rural property in Tasmania,…

2 Bathrooms + 2 Stand up Bedrooms in this Tiny Home on Wheels!

April 4, 2024 john 19 37242 13:04

38′ long x 10′ wide x 13.5′ tall ~ #IRTHome43 is an #EntertainerFloorPlan + 2 Full Bathrooms! Double Deluxe because both lofts have an L-shaped landing with 6’4″ of head clearance (on the high side.) Other special features include heated bidets, side by side washer/dryer, full-size kitchen & 2 full bathrooms – one with a…

Beautiful Farmhouse Gooseneck Tiny House TOUR w/ Clever Design Ideas

March 29, 2024 john 35 26796 17:41

Welcome to the beautiful Junior Mint, a farmhouse-style tiny house rental at the Acony Bell Tiny Home Community. It’s about 360 sqft (33.5 sqm) with a cozy-feeling yet spacious layout. The gooseneck style allows for a private standing-height loft bedroom. We share a tour AND our design ideas for making this even more functional as…

Scandinavian-Style Tiny Home In The Tasmanian Wilderness

March 29, 2024 john 19 101080 19:17

This weeks episode takes us to the spectacular wilderness of Tasmania where we visit a stunning, Scandinavian-style, off-the-grid tiny home on wheels. Here, Anna has built her dream home. Originally from Sweden, her tiny home is filled with beautiful elements of Scandinavian design which help to make the home feel snug and cosy. The single…

Owner Builds *Budget Friendly* Shipping Container Tiny house! Full Tour!

March 29, 2024 john 25 59044 08:54

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From Bus To Beautiful Home: Tiny Living Transformation!

March 26, 2024 john 20 26881 10:58

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Join the Branca Bus as they invite you on a comprehensive tour of their lovingly renovated 1990 Bluebird bus conversion. Transforming a public transport bus into a delightful mobile home, this family showcases the fruits of their creativity and hard work. 🍳 Kitchen: The heart of…