July 23, 2021 john 24 14530 15:18

Edward takes us on a tour of his large shipping container home, which he built for his family. The home is made of 11 shipping containers, and he designed it in a way that it feels much larger than it actually is! He, his wife, and two teen daughters have been living in this home…

Stunning 20ft SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME w/ So Many Surprises!

June 25, 2021 john 25 15658 10:35

Cam designed and built an incredible container home. This Tiny House has an elevator bed, rolling cabinet which reveals the shower, and the entire thing spans a stream! I love how creative Cam got with this container home build. You can really tell he has a talent for design, and that he is trying to…

Awesome ECO DOME Built by Brothers as Backyard Tea House

March 19, 2021 john 22 8056 08:33

Sonny built an eco dome for his wheelchair-bound brother, Tommy, whose passion in life is the art of traditional tea. This dome acts as a transition from the outside world into a tea-focused environment also known as a tea house. They call it “Tommy’s Tea Dome,” and they hope you will join Tommy for a…

Modern 40 ft SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME w/ Gorgeous Interior

November 6, 2020 john 20 28688 11:26

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Courtney and Riley designed and built their home from an up-cycled 40 ft shipping container. The interior has a modern minimalist design. ————– CREDITS ————— PRODUCER: Jenna Kausal EDITORS / VIDEOGRAPHERS: Dallen Detamore Jennifer Gonzalez MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed Additional Photography Provided by or with Permission of Home Owner

COB HOUSE made w/ Love for Small Family (Full Tour)

October 9, 2020 john 20 13415 18:42

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Danny and Katherine built a gorgeous house made of cob – a sustainable and natural material made from sand, clay, and straw. You’d never know that a house made from such material could be so beautiful! Take a tour, learn how cob is made, and get inspired by this wonderful, debt-free family and…

TINY HOUSE Provides Affordable Housing & Waterfront Views

September 18, 2020 john 20 20590 10:25

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: John and Amy have been living in their modern Tiny House in New Haven, CT for the past three years. Their minimalist lifestyle allows them to affordably own a home in the city with beautiful waterfront views! Take a tour of their gorgeous home, and you’ll be surprised how much stuff they DON’T…