Off-Grid Tiny House with Dual Bed Design & Garage Door Window – Full Tour

November 28, 2019 john 19 35806 09:45

Tiny House Tour + Download Turo for free here:  Use promo code EXPLORE15 for $15 off your first trip! Check out Cabinscape’s beautiful off-grid cabin rentals in Eastern Ontario here: We love the idea of putting low impact, off-grid tiny homes like this on conservation land so that people can have access to wild spaces…

Kayaking our way to a remote floating cabin in the wilderness

October 14, 2019 john 21 24856 20:46

To reach the Iloft floating cabin, you drive five hours north from Montreal to Quebec’s third-largest lake and then kayak 45 minutes along Lake Saint-Jean to finally arrive in an uninhabited bay to climb aboard the buoyant greenhouse tiny house. When we left Montreal mid-day on a summer Saturday, we had no idea that we…

How These Women Are Going to Legalize Tiny House Living in BC

November 18, 2017 john 21 14279 05:34

Sam and Stasia co-founded the BC Tiny House Collective to legitimize and legalize tiny houses in the province of British Columbia, Canada. They now have thousands of people supporting them, and over a hundred volunteers to help with everything from building tiny houses and analyzing research data, to updating their website. They have a 3-pronged…

Compost & Grey Water for the Tiny House Lifestyle

May 3, 2015 john 18 4561 04:37

Check out Art’s composting and gray water system for his tiny house. Art’s webpage: Video tour of Art’s tiny house: Follow us right here: Subscribe: