This Amazing, Light & Spacious Tiny House Was Built For A Mind-Blowing Budget!

November 25, 2022 john 20 88421 15:46

This beautiful and ultra affordable tiny house is light, simple, spacious and has been stunningly styled like a beach house. Jye constructed this home together with his father who is a carpenter and the end result is simply amazing! There’s a tremendous amount to love about this tiny home. Each aspect is simple in its…

“Invisible” Mirror Cabin Tiny House! // Full Tour!

November 11, 2022 john 21 27698 08:31

BOOK HERE – Use Code LEVI5 for 5% off your reservation!! Today we tour a very unique cabin at Bolt Farm! Last year we visited their domes and today we are one of the first visitors at their new mirror cabins. I haven’t seen anything like this before! BECOME A HOST – As…

Loopholes, This Tiny House Didn’t Need a Permit

November 6, 2022 john 25 27140 09:33

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Family builds cob home inside a geodesic dome in Norway

August 12, 2022 john 21 42138 14:22

A Norwegian family of 6 built a cob house inside of a glass dome on a remote island. This incredible home is extremely efficient, allowing the family to live here comfortably year round while growing their own vegetables and creating natural heating and cooling. DOME BUILT BY: ———CREDITS————— PRODUCED, HOSTED, & FILMED BY: Jenna…

Modern Tiny Home w/ gorgeous wood interior is stunning!

July 22, 2022 john 20 47597 12:22

Talented young architect, Cam Chafee, takes us on a tour of his second tiny home. This one is ultra-modern, unusually shaped, and has a gorgeous wood interior. BUY THIS TINY HOUSE: ———-CREDITS————— PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal ONLINE EDITING BY: Marcia Trader MUSIC: ADDITIONAL PHOTOS PROVIDED BY THE BUILDER/HOMEOWNER. 00:00 Intro…

IMPRESSIVE NEW tiny house with all the amenities!! Tiny Home Tour

July 5, 2022 john 21 34451 14:12

The “Sea Breeze” is a very nice little cabin modular tiny house I think you will enjoy seeing!! Hey friends, this is Chance and we have a tiny house video tour video for you. This tiny home is brand new and can even be custom ordered to your needs! The manufacturer for this modular house…

This Incredible Tiny Home Could be The Most AFFORDABLE Housing in North America

April 24, 2022 john 29 23113 08:49

This Incredible Tiny Home Could be the most affordable housing option in North America. It’s getting very hard to find a new home that checks the affordability box but it’s a big market so companies are trying to find new ways to keep housing affordable. A company called Incredible Tiny Homes out of Newport Tennessee…

Spacious, Livable, Tiny House Used for Airbnb // Full Tour!

April 8, 2022 john 21 46457 09:20

This tiny house looks way bigger on the inside than the outside. It is the perfect layout for such a tiny space. Bed, full kitchen, living, full bathroom, and washer/dryer all on the main level. Incredible use of space! Highly suggest this tiny house Airbnb for a visit! Prayer Requests? Email me! Thanks so much…