Kristie Wolfe’s Idaho potato home, silo bathroom and pet cow

February 8, 2020 john 20 23655 32:43

Kristie Wolfe spent over a year touring the U.S. with a giant potato to promote Idaho’s spud industry and dreaming about turning the 28-foot-long tuber into a tiny home. Seven years later when the tater was finally retired, her wish came true. Kristie transformed the interior of the concrete, plaster and steel structure into a…

Kristie Wolfe turns 1950s fire lookout into off-grid shelter

November 17, 2019 john 23 1757 34:28

When Kristie Wolfe saw a fire lookout tower advertised for sale on private land, she knew she had found her next build. She had already constructed a Hawaiian treehouse and a hobbit hole getaway from the ground up and loved the idea of converting the abandoned structure into an immersive deep-forest escape. The 13 acres…

Family adventures inspired North Sister, a high-end tiny home

October 3, 2017 john 20 23743 13:16

Spud and MaryEsther Hooley have spent four decades in tiny homes, including a converted caboose in Idaho, a trapping cabin on the Snake River, a yurt in Mongolia, a wall tent while commercial fishing in Alaska, a 19’ van in Mexico, and a year in a sailboat from Europe to Russia. When they moved back…

NEW Mt. Kilimanjaro from Tiny Mountain Houses

May 28, 2016 john 5 653 04:13

The brand new Mt. Kilimanjaro we produced for a customer recently got a big reveal in this great video hosted by our own Lou Pereyra. The home is 340 sq ft and has a lot of items standard and also some that were optioned in. Like what you see? Visit for more information on…

Tiny Mountain Houses – Castle Peak ‘Big Red’ Walkthrough

March 29, 2016 john 3 424 08:18

Lou takes us through a gorgeous custom built version of the #CastlePeak model. This house is stunning and actually features many beautiful standard ‘options’ to keep cost low. We’re so excited to say that this is now in the possession of a very happy customer!

Custom 25′ Castle Peak – Tiny Mountain Houses

March 27, 2016 john 1 380 05:18

*Best Watched in HD* Lou Pereyra, Principal of Tiny Mountain Houses, takes us through the newly completed 25′ Custom Castle Peak model. This model is a spacious 340 sq ft and boasts two large lofts. Come on in! Website: Instagram – @TinyMountainHouses Twitter – @TinyMtnHouses

Macy Miller builds adaptive small home for family of 4 + dog

January 10, 2016 john 0 5286 18:01

Five years ago Macy Miller was “four years outside a foreclosure”, looking for a place to live with her Great Dane and in need of a hands-on project for her architecture training. Inspired by tiny house stories she began to read online, she set aside a year’s worth of rent payments (about $12,000), bought an…

Sheep wagons as classic campervan: the Airstream of pioneers

October 15, 2015 john 0 5335 20:56

Sheep wagons were once a common mobile home in the American West. These tiny structures (usually 7 to 8 feet wide and about 12 to 16 feet long) were used by sheep herders for months on end as they migrated across grazing land with their flocks. Kim Vader’s family began herding sheep in Idaho in…

Idaho modern oldtimer builds underground & solar $50 houses

August 5, 2015 john 0 9143 24:16

Mike Oehler lived for over 30 years in an underground home that he built for $50 (and expanded for $500) on his land in Northern Idaho near the Canadian border. Now in his seventies his arthritis keeps him from hiking up to his home, but he continues to “write and proselytize” In 1968 like thousands…