Their Tiny Home is Disney themed?!… the inside is WOW 👀✨

November 11, 2022 john 20 32225 16:18

Mark and Mona are Disney super fans. So, when they decided to downsize into a Tiny House, they themed their home after the happiest place on earth. Now every day when they walk in their front door of their “Tiny Mouse House,” they feel like they are in the Magic Kingdom! CHECK OUT TINY MOUSE…

She downsized to a lux Tiny Home w/ land to redefine herself

October 28, 2022 john 21 49563 18:54

Shelly bought a Tiny House & a piece of land to rediscover herself and find independence on an island off the coast of Washington. ———CREDITS————— PRODUCED, HOSTED, & FILMED BY: Jenna Kausal EDITING & VIDEOGRAPHY: Marcia Trader MUSIC: 0:00 Intro 0:50 Why choose a tiny house 1:40 What Shelly likes about living tiny…

Spacious, Livable, Tiny House Used for Airbnb // Full Tour!

April 8, 2022 john 21 46457 09:20

This tiny house looks way bigger on the inside than the outside. It is the perfect layout for such a tiny space. Bed, full kitchen, living, full bathroom, and washer/dryer all on the main level. Incredible use of space! Highly suggest this tiny house Airbnb for a visit! Prayer Requests? Email me! Thanks so much…

Full Tour of This Incredible 250sqft Tiny House Airbnb!

March 4, 2022 john 25 29800 09:11

Today we tour a very tiny 250 square foot aframe cabin on Jefferson lake! Great views, amazing use of space, uniquer layout and design, what more could you ask? Prayer Requests? Email me! Thanks so much for watching and the support! #airbnb #aframe #tinyhouse

Urban Tiny House Tour! // Ironwood Grove Tiny House Hotel!

December 7, 2021 john 25 35012 08:09

Today we are touring 1 of 6 tiny houses here at Ironwood Grove! Over the next 2 weeks I will be taking you through all of them. They are each different in their own ways and I love all of them. If you want the tiny house experience right in Nashville, then this is it!…

Luxury, High-End Tiny House After Leaving Ex Large Home

July 10, 2020 john 22 86287 18:22

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Couple downsizes from a 5,000+ square foot mansion to a high-end Tiny House with every luxury. Now they live on the road and want for not. ————– CREDITS ————— VIDEOGRAPHER: Matt Alexander EDITOR: Marcia Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed ADDITIONAL PHOTOS &VIDEO PROVIDEDED BY & WITH…

Sleek Modern Modular Tiny House Inspired by Converted Dumpster

November 10, 2019 john 23 15008 07:17

Described as the “iPhone” and “Tesla” of tiny houses, the Kasita modular tiny house is sleek, modern. It’s the epitome of minimalism. Believe it or not, it was inspired by a dumpster that was converted into a tiny home. From that experience, original Kasita co-founder, Jeff Wilson dreamed up the high-quality, minimalist design. He’s better…