Old Sailboat Transformed Into Epic Treehouse Pirate Ship ☠️

July 23, 2020 john 20 72655 20:45

Tanglewood is an incredible eco sanctuary and retreat space, located in Auckland, New Zealand. Situated on an amazing regenerating property, it’s home to some wonderfully experimental tiny homes. From an old sailing ship which has been hoisted into the trees to become a pirate ship themed treehouse, to a stunning small cob cottage and idilic…

Off-The-Grid Desert Living in a Tiny Earthen Home & Permaculture Community

November 18, 2019 john 20 85878 17:10

In this weeks video we travel to the Californian desert and the tiny earthen home of natural builders Sasha and John. The desert landscape can be harsh and unforgiving and building homes for this environment can be an interesting challenge. This amazing tiny natural home is completely off the grid and has been constructed using…

Natural-Built Tiny House Incorporates Biophilic Design And A Living Roof ?

November 3, 2019 john 20 129763 16:48

Biophilic design is a term which refers to the connection between our built environment and the living world around us. It speaks to our innate love of nature, our biosphere and connection with living systems. This tiny home has been designed to incorporate elements of biophilic design and natural building to create a home on…

The Fairytale Tiny House Shaped Like A Shoe

July 29, 2018 john 20 46054 21:21

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. That’s how the story goes, but this tiny house is no fairytale. Constructed from ferrocement, this spectacular home has been crafted as a whimsical yet functional retreat space which is shaped like a boot. The home is constructed as part of Jester House, a cafe…

Beautiful Tiny Home Built To Look Like Earthen Cottage

June 8, 2018 john 20 43924 15:16

This stunning tiny home has used natural building techniques to give it an earthen cottage look, making it a unique hybrid between tiny house on wheels and a small natural home. You can find our more about this tiny home on our website: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/tiny-home-earthen-cottage/ ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © 2018 Zyia Pictures Ltd

A Stunning Small Home Made From Hemp

March 24, 2018 john 20 39671 14:55

Hemp is a building material like no other. It has incredible thermal properties, is environmentally friendly, rat and insect proof, fire and earthquake resistant and is an affordable way to build. Plus, the end result looks amazing! After loosing her father to mesothelioma (a cancer caused through exposure to asbestos), Tiffany studied building biology, and…

This Healthy Tiny Home Gives A Young Family A Bright Future

November 17, 2017 john 20 44050 13:48

This next tiny home tour is brought to you by Skillshare! The first 200 people to use this promo link will get their first 2 months free to try it out! http://skl.sh/livingbig When this young family weighed up their housing options, they wanted something which was non-toxic, environmentally friendly and affordable. A tiny home on…

From Fame To Forest – Rockstar’s Magical Woodland Cabin

August 5, 2017 john 20 53554 09:06

Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer is still perhaps most well known as the drummer for the rock-band ‘Love’ who rose to fame in the late 60’s. After leaving the group though, Alban’s life took a very different turn, leading him away from life in the public eye and into a remote and beautiful cabin in the forests…