He’s living the Tiny House dream on his waterfront land, debt-free!

November 17, 2023 john 30 53122 21:32

Get your LUNA 4 & save 35% off! Available for the 1st 100 viewers: https://foreo.se/pkc1 🧖‍♀️ 🏡 Meet Lawerance, who has lived in 2 tiny homes since 2016. After his first micro tiny home on wheels was stolen (& recovered!), he upgraded to an 8.5 m / 28 ft THOW. He purchased an affordable tiny…

Didn’t want to move out. They built modern prefab on roof instead

November 12, 2023 john 20 35852 11:55

An Austin couple wanted to add on to their two-bedroom bungalow, but they didn’t want to move out and they didn’t want to use backyard space, so architect Nicole Blair decided to attach an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) to their roof. The steel structure was prefabbed off-site, and in less than 24 hours, it was…

Single mom & daughter tiny house on her own private land

November 10, 2023 john 20 27667 20:58

Yoshino’s Black Friday Deals are live now, running from Nov. 10 – Nov. 30. Save up to a whopping $1200! Discover the deals: https://yoshinopower.com/pages/black-friday-sale?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=kol&utm_campaign=B2000_TinyHouseGiantJourney_1110 VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Stephanie, a single mother, built a custom tiny house as means to achieve home ownership. She talks about how she’s ensured the space can grow with her young daughter,…

Couple finds simple affordable living freedom in cute Tiny House!

November 3, 2023 john 24 14701 12:47

Get $35 off when you sign up for ConnecTen Internet with our code TINY35! They each worked 2 jobs to pay for their budget tiny home and are loving it so far! Their monthly bills are extra low, giving them more freedom with time & money. In part thanks to the wonderfully welcoming River Edge…

She Lives Off The Grid in her Custom Tiny House

October 28, 2023 john 22 39018 11:33

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Glenice lives full time in this custom off grid tiny house build. What makes this tiny home unique is the fact that it is completely off the grid. Glenice gets her power from the sun and water from a collection pool on the property. The kitchen…

Single Mom builds $30k Tiny House on Foundation ($60k w/land) + Yurt

October 27, 2023 john 23 51685 23:13

Meet Lupe, a single mom who lives in a beautifully imperfect & permitted tiny house on foundation with her 9-year-old son Apollo. She built it mostly by herself over 4 years with help from loved ones. Originally, Lupe wanted to live in a yurt, but due to city rules, she pivoted to a building code-compliant…

Inside This Tiny House w/ Whimsical Interior Design! Full Tour!

October 27, 2023 john 20 25035 11:30

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She Designed This Stunning Modular Tiny House

October 21, 2023 john 21 102736 15:29

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Shaye is no stranger to building and designing tiny homes. She has over 10 years of experience with tiny homes and this modular tiny house is evidence of her expertise! There are tons of clever design elements executed in this build. When all three sections of…

Got abandoned bunker network. He’s starting underground village

October 15, 2023 john 21 26099 38:29

In Paradise Valley (Montana) there are 52 underground bunkers, capable of housing hundreds of people. They were built in the 1980s to prepare for nuclear fallout. When Dean Anderson found one for sale by owner, he snapped it up for a good price since it was filled with 45,000 pounds of dried food. “Basically to…

Retiring in a self-built Tiny House on his own private land

October 13, 2023 john 18 146532 18:42

Take a tour of Patrick’s off-grid Tiny House that he built on his private land. He spent 10 years building it out and spent less than $30k. The house is complete with a large attached shed, solar power, and a large garden for homesteading. CHECK OUT PATRICK’S CUSTOM STONEWORK: https://www.bohemianstoneworks.com FRONT DOOR & CABINETS BY:…