Texan maker’s underground survival bunkers are real batcaves

June 29, 2020 john 8 473 24:29

Ron Hubbard has been building underground shelters since 2011, but since the pandemic hit he hasn’t been able to keep up with demand. Based outside Dallas, he claims his headquarters is the world’s largest bomb shelter factory. His round structures start off as corrugated culvert pipe, but once finished off resemble an RV, complete with…

Deek’s Transforming $1200 A-Frame Cabin and Plans (Tiny Vacation House)

March 18, 2019 john 0 280581 04:00

Check out Deek’s Book- Comic-book-meets-DIY-tiny house/shelter ideas…. IN this episode, Deek shows us an affordable, simple, and fun, A-frame cabin that he designed- with plan sketches by David and Jeanie Stiles from www.stilesdesigns.com . In the video, you’ll see how this tiny house, of tiny vacation cabin, studio, or green house opens up and “expands”…

3 Off Grid/Rocket Camping Stoves from Silverfire reviewed

December 26, 2016 john 4 2908 08:11

Steven Harrell of Tiny House Listings share THREE off-grid camping stoves (one with great tiny house INDOOR potential) in the woods of his NC property. These Silverfire brand stoves heat up incredibly quickly, and require very little fuel and range in size from backpacking style units to more-permanent indoor/outdoor ones….