Got to Rockies, settled to build rugged mountain tiny homes

September 13, 2020 john 20 37974 30:24

Greg Parham moved to Durango, Colorado for the mountain biking and built his first tiny house to afford rent. Almost a decade later, he – and his company Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses – has built 80 custom tiny homes for customers across the country. He lived for 5 years in his first build and one…

Pemberley 37′ Gooseneck Tiny House

September 11, 2017 john 20 12335 13:01

Greg from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses walks you through a high spec 37′ Gooseneck build for a family of five. Please visit to learn more

The Ol’ Berthoud Blue by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

January 23, 2017 john 0 16707 05:40

Alden was very much wanting to build and own a tiny house. After quite a bit of difficulty building one for herself, he commissioned Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses in Durango, Colorado. “The kitchen features modern Ikea cabinets with a custom stainless countertop, including a large sink and triple burner cooktop. A custom built dish rack…

Custom 28 Foot Tiny House for Family of Four

April 3, 2016 john 30 103356 09:08

A family from Utah commissioned this beautiful and spacious tiny house to start living their tiny house dreams. More information at