Charming Rustic Tiny House With One Floor Living (No Sleeping Loft!)

February 16, 2020 john 23 33441 08:33

Do you love tiny homes, but hate the idea of climbing into bed every night? Maybe this home is the solution for you! This 8×24 foot R.J.O. starts at a base price of only $30,000! Would you have done something differently? Maybe a murphy bed is more your style or you’d rather sleep up stairs?…

Pocket-Sized Tiny House with Main Floor Capsule Bedroom | FULL TOUR

January 8, 2020 john 20 62208 09:20

Watch this EXTRA SMALL tiny house tour! *For anyone considering a used trailer for a tiny house build, please do your research to ensure that you know it’s weight limit and that it meets all safety regulations to make it road worthy (for example we’ve heard that having brakes on a tiny house trailer is…

This Cozy Tiny House Makes You Want to Move in Right Away!

February 26, 2019 john 20 34666 08:07

Full tour of this tiny house cottage on wheels! It’s 24 feet long with a sleeping loft and staircase, two heat sources, lots of natural light, and a cozy rustic interior design. To learn more (and to rent!) this tiny house cottage in Quebec, Canada: The owner, John, bought this tiny home from a…

Forest Cabin Built From Salvaged Materials Cost Only $800!

August 15, 2017 john 20 42622 09:28

Made from 100% salvaged materials this incredible forest cabin project was realised for only $800! Today, we go back in time to where it all began to visit his very first cabin project, where he lived for 3 years while attending Collage. If you’re searching for inspiration for an incredible and super affordable DIY cabin…

Tiny Victorian Cottage by Tiny Texas Houses

November 11, 2014 john 12 20217 00:45

Did you know Brad Kittel builds all of his homes out of nearly 100% reclaimed & recycled materials? It’s true.

The Kaye Commission by Tiny Texas Houses

November 7, 2014 john 10 19068 04:27

Designed in the classic style of past centuries, when our living space was treasured and quality was important. Rediscover energy efficiency with a smaller footprint where you can live with what you love and relinquish the rest. Our goal is to help you create a one-of-a-kind country homeplace using 95% recycled wood, vintage materials, doors,…