RV Renovation Tour! ’01 Intruder becomes Beautiful Tiny Home

January 10, 2020 john 20 24668 13:11

MORE TINY HOUSE STORIES: https://www.tinyhousegiantjourney.com VIDEO INFO: Caleb & Tiffany share a tour of their beautiful RV renovation, which is their full-time Tiny Home. ————– CREDITS ————— EDITORS / VIDEOGRAPHERS: Dallen Detamore Jennifer Gonzalez ADDITIONAL MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/ OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed Additional Photography Provided by or with Permission of Home Owner

The $3000 Buck Truck- Retired Man’s RV Tiny House Conversion

January 11, 2019 john 17 2407 10:33

Meet Dale Betz- A retiree who found the tiny house circuit, caught the travel bug, and lives in his own self-built box truck tiny house conversion. This $3000 used truck soon became Dales tiny home on wheels with a little ingenuity, and a lot of second-hand bargain shopping (often at Habitat for Humanity stores). And…

This School Bus Becomes His Transforming Travel Home (Sleeps Six)

September 3, 2018 john 20 18189 11:03

Michael Fuehrer’s gorgeous school bus conversion (“Navigation Nowhere”) was built for community and travel. This Tiny House sleeps six, includes a rooftop deck and two transforming multi-purpose rooms. ADDITIONAL MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/ ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: Provided by Michael Fuehrer DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed

Epic Off-Grid Van Conversion For Full Time Travel In Australia

April 28, 2018 john 20 24363 17:11

This couple are living life to the fullest traveling all across Australia in an amazing converted van. The incredible continent has so much to explore, and this pair are seeing it all. Demi and Eli took 9 months to convert their van into an ideal tiny house on wheels. The van conversion serves as a…

Creating Financial Freedom For the Next Generation Through Tiny Houses

April 12, 2017 john 20 3543 13:56

For those who think that $85,000 is too much to spend on a tiny house this man is your GURU. Darby walks through his philosophy and process of spreading debt-free housing and businesses for those who have the determination to learn the process. http://www.tinytexashouses.com In case you have any questions about how we do what…

Are Conventional Tiny Houses Toxic?

March 21, 2017 john 19 3754 12:49

We have toured a lot of tiny houses, some owner-built and some commercially built. Here we talk to Darby about whether the materials used in conventional housing are safe to use in the smaller space (under 400 square feet) of a tiny home. He wants to teach those who are focused on downsizing and living…

Tiny House Built From Demolished Big Houses

January 25, 2017 john 20 4624 06:10

For almost no money the little houses can be built from salvaged material if you have carpentry experience and a truck to haul lumber away with…do make sure to ask permission before taking salvage for your own safety! To learn how go to http://www.tinytexashouses.com In case you have any questions about how we do what…

Tiny House Retirement Suburb (Spur Texas)

January 19, 2017 john 20 26560 16:40

Spur Texas welcomes tiny houses in private building plots but they also have a small tiny house community going in that is like a tiny version of any suburban neighborhood! Go find our more at http://www.spurfreedom.org In case you have any questions about how we do what we do and any products that we swear…

BIG FAMILY : 4 TINY HOUSES : RV Full time w/9 kids

November 23, 2016 john 19 12324 18:59

Moving our family of 11 into a “tiny house” wasn’t easy but we’ve found it to be so gratifying. So when one of our viewers invited us to come see her tiny house, we jumped at the chance. We love seeing how others are simplifying their lives and joining the tiny house movement.

One-Story Tiny House Safer for Seniors or Disabled

November 19, 2016 john 16 3697 11:20

One concern about tiny houses is that there is a heavy dependence on those sleeping and storage lofts. What if it is hard for you to get up stairs? For whatever reason some people really need a single floor with lots of in-wall storage. These are what we came up with as a great solutions!…