They Built a Gorgeous Tiny House, Urban Food Forest & Mini Village

September 23, 2022 john 21 51507 23:52

Download the FREE Upside App: to get $5 or more cash back on your 1st purchase of $10 or more.✨ Meet Sarah & Kevin, who built an amazing Victorian farmhouse style 10 ft wide tiny house in their own backyard. They also created an urban homestead tiny home village with lush permaculture gardens. All…

His & Hers, 2 tiny homes parked side by side & still saving $600/mo!

September 16, 2022 john 21 137371 26:27

Design your dream home with new 3D Tiny House Designer! Each enjoys expressing themselves through their small space interior design & having a private retreat when desired. Elisa’s Little Starry Blue is a 26-ft tiny house & Ryk’s Lassen Creek is a 30-ft tiny house. Both built by New Creation Tiny Homes. 🏡✨ ✨MORE Resources…

Debt free tiny house life For Family of 6

August 23, 2022 john 36 40237 13:16

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: This family of four lives a minimalistic lifestyle after leaving the traditional American grind. They believe everything in the home should serve three purposes, especially living tiny! Their Colorado home is suited with a wood-burning stove, an L-shaped couch that converts into a queen bed, and a TV that dubs for an office…

Buyer Beware! They LOVE their Sweet Tiny House despite BIG water leak

August 19, 2022 john 24 62133 24:28

Their small space decor is beautiful with quirky flair. 2 years in, they discovered a major water leak problem due to incorrectly installed flashing + no caulking. It’s now fixed after a winding unexpected back & forth with their tiny house builder. Fortunately, they received compensation for the materials needed for their tiny home repairs.…

Simple Elegant Living in Tiny House in the Woods

July 17, 2022 john 20 19783 12:06

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Couple’s CUSTOM Tiny House! grey water recycling system & amazing deck

July 15, 2022 john 27 35197 22:49

Meet John & Rachel, who built their dream tiny house. It’s a 40-ft tiny house on wheels; equipped with solar power & grey water recycling system & home to 4 pets. They scored the most dreamy tiny house parking spot on a ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Now are great friends with their host!…

Friends’ Garage Conversion ADU + Tiny House – Communal Backyard Oasis

July 1, 2022 john 30 52564 30:59

Thanks to our sponsor Skillshare! The 1st 1,000 folks to use our link will get a 1-month FREE trial: ✨ Meet best friends, Becca & Anthony and Kate & Brad, who created a mini urban ecovillage of sorts in a Portland, Oregon backyard oasis. Their little tiny home community features a garage conversion ADU,…

This Tiny House is a Path to Financial Freedom

June 12, 2022 john 24 12658 15:53

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Family Builds Beautiful Not So TINY HOUSE for Simple Life in Country

June 10, 2022 john 25 32919 22:41

Their single level tiny house on wheels is 10’ wide x 36’ long. It’s been their ticket to fulfilling simple living & affordable homeownership. With baby #2 on the way, they’ll be selling their tiny home at some point. 👉Interested? 🏡✨ ✨MORE Resources on our website: 🏡 TINY HOUSE FAQ 🏡 👉Where can find…