Young Couple Climb Onto The Housing Ladder With Incredible Tiny Home

September 17, 2020 john 20 138702 13:36

This weeks episode showcases a dynamic young couple and their amazing first tiny home. This home is modern, stylish and was an affordable way for them to get into their very own house in a city where most young people have been priced out of the housing market. Especially in cities like Auckland, where the…

Colonial Cottage Style Tiny House Built For Only $8000

September 3, 2020 john 19 95492 14:29

In this weeks video we explore a wonderful colonial cottage style tiny house which has amazingly been built for only NZ$8000 (US $5000). This creative tiny house has been constructed almost entirely out of reclaimed and recycled materials and the end result is a tiny home with some big style! Keith and Jen are a…

Beautiful Backyard Tiny House On Wheels – Multi Functional Guest House

August 13, 2020 john 26 18522 07:01

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: This beautiful Tiny House On Wheels is a perfect example of the versatility of tiny living. The owners of this tiny home plan to generate an income, have a place for friends/family and take trips in the home itself. With more municipalities allowing backyard tiny homes, the possibility to generate and income that…

Most Ideal Tiny House Size?! Permanent Pocket Neighborhood

July 24, 2020 john 24 74707 11:34

The Hiatus is an amazing livable tiny house on foundation inside a one-of-kind cottage-style community located in Bend, OR. The tiny home footprint is 400 sqft, with 2 lofts it’s 598 sqft. Built to IRC Appendix Q standards. ✨Hope you enjoy this #tinyhouse & #pocketneighborhood tour! The Hiatus pocket neighborhood is inspired by Ross Chapin’s…

Alaskan 12×16 Shed Tiny House – Living In Style On A Budget

July 11, 2020 john 25 58290 11:47

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Sometimes life just happens and puts you in a position where you have to try something new. Rodney found himself in that place about 6 years ago, and he found the tiny home lifestyle. A few years later, he met his wife Marcel, and they have since built a home together that they…

This Single Level Tiny House Is Perfect For Disabled & Retirement Aged People

June 21, 2020 john 25 44629 05:39

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Brad did another tour of an Airbnb in Seward. This one is an adorable 1 bedroom tiny house right downtown. It’s designed with a downstairs bedroom and no lofts, which makes it accessible to anyone and has an open and airy design with lots of windows. – Need Something On Amazon?

Amazing DIY Tiny House Parked In Nudist Club

April 23, 2020 john 20 136148 15:59

This couple’s incredible, DIY built tiny house has found an amazing home right in the middle of a nudist club! There, they have a private spot on a large property and even access to amenities such as the swimming pool and spa. Mariëlle and Chris wanted to build a tiny house as it was an…

Living & Traveling In A 120 Sq Ft Micro Tiny House – Couples DIY Dream Home

April 19, 2020 john 25 69512 10:11

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: These two are awesome. They’ve known each other since high school, “re-met” in college when they started dating and are from the south. They love travel and adventure and wanted to see the states, so they decided together that they would build a tiny home together and do just that. They wanted to…

Compact Tiny House Designed To Travel New Zealand

April 9, 2020 john 20 125483 12:53

This intrepid family sold up their home and began a life of adventure by building a tiny house on wheels which they use to travel New Zealand full time. CJ, Amy-Lee loved to travel but realised they hadn’t seen a lot of their own country. A tiny house on wheels was the perfect way to…