$10,000 Off-The-Grid Tiny House With HUGE Solar System

May 12, 2019 john 20 142993 15:20

If you’ve ever worried that you wouldn’t be able to produce enough power when off the grid in a tiny house on wheels, this house may be the one to reassure you! I never thought that we would see a tiny house which has quite so many solar panels on the roof. Amazingly, this tiny…

Can A Tiny House Really Be Powered By Solar?

July 30, 2018 john 34 4850 05:07

Specifically, the solar setup. The Kodiak Inergy battery we have has been working fine, but it has some limitations. Most important, it can only handle 600 watts of input at a time. That’s perfect for many setups, but my ol’ man wants to expend his solar array by adding more solar panels that allow for…

13 Tiny Homes That Will Make You Want To Downsize

July 18, 2018 john 20 57148 04:49

From expanding campers to easy-to-assemble houses, these tiny homes will make you want to downsize. Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to’s, gaming, science, digital culture, and more.

Tiny Houses NEED Tiny Furniture!

November 7, 2017 john 21 4663 10:12

Frugality and organization go hand in hand in a tiny house…but you don’t have live without the things that you love! Here are some fun furniture options in our tiny house and the book that I highly recommend is ‘Spark Joy’, which walks you through the process of understanding what you care about in life…

Amazing Off-the-Grid Tiny House on Wheels in Australia

November 28, 2015 john 18 7460 17:31

A tour of Fred and Shannon Schultz’s amazing off-the-grid tiny house on wheels in Victoria, Australia. Fred spent 3 years designing the house in SketchUp and another year building it, mostly by himself and with little experience. Please support my next film project! http://igg.me/at/livingthechange Fred’s Tiny Houses: http://www.fredstinyhouses.com.au Music by Canvas Music Productions: http://canvasmusicproductions.com