Texan maker’s underground survival bunkers are real batcaves

June 29, 2020 john 8 473 24:29

Ron Hubbard has been building underground shelters since 2011, but since the pandemic hit he hasn’t been able to keep up with demand. Based outside Dallas, he claims his headquarters is the world’s largest bomb shelter factory. His round structures start off as corrugated culvert pipe, but once finished off resemble an RV, complete with…


June 6, 2019 john 34 25328 08:10

Take a look at our brand new Mini mansion. We are excited to enter the Tiny House marketplace with this incredible product. The home is available in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana. Available in either 16 or 18 ft widths. For floor plans and additional information please call or text 325-480-2014, or email Billw@oakcreekhomes.com.…

Dan Phillips turns backyard scraps in whimsical Texan houses

April 9, 2017 john 19 13663 17:22

Transforming wine corks and bottle caps into flooring, cow bones into countertops, frame samples into ceilings and old deck boards into doors, Dan Phillips believes a second life is possible building refuse. His company, Phoenix Commotion, turns trash into homes, employs “unskilled” workers and creates shelter for low-income families, but it’s not a non-profit. Instead,…

Tiny Houses (Texas Country Reporter)

October 13, 2016 john 5 756 07:04

Spur, TX is the first tiny house friendly town in the country. Denise Rosner Spur, TX 239-565-8172 Website: http://www.spurfreedom.org/ TCR #1516, 09-17-2016

Nomadic Cabin Tiny House Tour

December 28, 2015 john 16 8365 03:09

James from Nomadic Cabins sent over this quick tiny house tour of their latest build in Austin, Texas. Enjoy! http://www.nomadiccabins.com For daily tiny houses listed for sale and rent, please visit http://tinyhouselistings.com

Mark Horvath and Alan Graham on Community First and Tiny Houses

November 15, 2014 john 7 1173 08:30

This actually is a hard post to start because there is so much to say about Alan Graham and his amazing work helping our homeless friends. Back in July of 2009, Alan was partly responsible for talking me into taking the risk of the traveling around the U.S. to document homelessness for the first time.…

The Kaye Commission by Tiny Texas Houses

November 7, 2014 john 10 19067 04:27

Designed in the classic style of past centuries, when our living space was treasured and quality was important. Rediscover energy efficiency with a smaller footprint where you can live with what you love and relinquish the rest. Our goal is to help you create a one-of-a-kind country homeplace using 95% recycled wood, vintage materials, doors,…