Family w/ baby lives in school bus tiny house! Aussie family’s adventure

November 28, 2023 john 21 16668 19:15

Matthew and Morgan are no strangers to tiny living! From a sailboat to an overlander, this young couple has finally settled on a school bus conversion. In this episode they’ll talk about how this DIY Skoolie gives them room to comfortably raise their young daughter, while still allowing an adventurous lifestyle touring National Parks across…

How she built a Tiny House with 70% Recycled Materials for $25k

November 14, 2023 john 22 17021 09:32

🏡 Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series about building insights, tips & how-tos! 🛠️ New episodes on Tuesdays. Her 6 m /20 ft THOW design was directly influenced by the free & low-cost items she collected. Danielle shares how she did it, her top places to source materials, how to install cedar…

Secluded Hand Built Tiny House in the Forest Full Tour!

November 14, 2023 john 21 29262 08:05

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Tiny House Living: Her Journey of Self-Sufficiency and Comfort

November 11, 2023 john 20 57120 10:53

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Welcome to her world of minimalistic yet comfortable living. Ever wondered what it’s like to design, build, and live in a tiny house? Dive into Marie’s journey, where every nook and cranny reflects her story. 🏡 Tiny House Tour Highlights: The warm, welcoming kitchen with its…

Single mom & daughter tiny house on her own private land

November 10, 2023 john 20 27667 20:58

Yoshino’s Black Friday Deals are live now, running from Nov. 10 – Nov. 30. Save up to a whopping $1200! Discover the deals: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Stephanie, a single mother, built a custom tiny house as means to achieve home ownership. She talks about how she’s ensured the space can grow with her young daughter,…

A Dream Tiny House Design w/ 2 Lofts! Full Tour

November 8, 2023 john 20 18643 05:21

In this weeks episode we take a quick tour of a tiny house located on 14 acres of private property. Inside is spacious and bright with surprise storage under the steps and 2 separate loft spaces. The bathroom is large enough to include a washer and dryer! BECOME A HOST – As an Airbnb…

The BEST tiny home layout you’ve ever seen!

October 16, 2023 john 25 46424 06:27

Today we’re taking a tour of what could be one of the best tiny home layouts this channel has seen. With a floor plan that’s 12′ wide and 44′ long, this home does not leave a tiny first impression! This floor plan is know as the Orca Edition Park Model and was built by Mint…

Retiring in a self-built Tiny House on his own private land

October 13, 2023 john 18 146532 18:42

Take a tour of Patrick’s off-grid Tiny House that he built on his private land. He spent 10 years building it out and spent less than $30k. The house is complete with a large attached shed, solar power, and a large garden for homesteading. CHECK OUT PATRICK’S CUSTOM STONEWORK: FRONT DOOR & CABINETS BY:…

Affordable Tiny House built for off-grid homesteading

October 3, 2023 john 19 19461 12:21

Take a tour of Tim’s 5th wheel tiny house, which he built himself! This home allows Tim to live affordably in Boulder County, Colorado w/ stunning views and privacy. Don’t miss the penny floor in the bathroom! _______________________ MORE MORE MORE! CREDITS PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHY BY: Matt Alexander EDITOR: Sarita…

Couple’s maximized Tiny House – planning legal hack to put it on land

September 29, 2023 john 30 41745 22:47

If you’re struggling, consider therapy with our sponsor BetterHelp. Built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses–came in under budget! They bought land in New Mexico & quickly learned that zoning is complicated. While they’ve figured out a legal workaround, it’ll take extra time & money. In the meantime, they’re parked at the affordable River Edge Tiny…