Tiny House Living: Her Journey of Self-Sufficiency and Comfort

November 11, 2023 john 20 57120 10:53

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Welcome to her world of minimalistic yet comfortable living. Ever wondered what it’s like to design, build, and live in a tiny house? Dive into Marie’s journey, where every nook and cranny reflects her story. 🏡 Tiny House Tour Highlights: The warm, welcoming kitchen with its…

UK Actors’ Spectacular Tiny Home On London Outskirts!

November 3, 2023 john 18 131495 21:28

#sponsored @audible This episode is sponsored by Audible! Go to https://audible.com/livingbigtinyhouse or text livingbigtinyhouse to 500-500 for your free trial! – In this weeks episode we find ourselves on the outskirts of London visiting a couple of actors who have built themselves the most remarkable tiny home! A DIY build using almost entirely reclaimed materials,…

She Lives Off The Grid in her Custom Tiny House

October 28, 2023 john 22 39018 11:33

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Glenice lives full time in this custom off grid tiny house build. What makes this tiny home unique is the fact that it is completely off the grid. Glenice gets her power from the sun and water from a collection pool on the property. The kitchen…

She Designed This Stunning Modular Tiny House

October 21, 2023 john 21 102736 15:29

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Shaye is no stranger to building and designing tiny homes. She has over 10 years of experience with tiny homes and this modular tiny house is evidence of her expertise! There are tons of clever design elements executed in this build. When all three sections of…

Family’s Renovated Scamp Trailer – Adventure Tiny House

October 4, 2022 john 22 111033 21:38

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Angela put her hidden talent for artistic design to work after she and Sky purchased this 1997 Scamp camper! She repainted the main living space white with black hinges and added a peel and stick backsplash. It took ten months to self-convert into a modern weekend warrior! They can get a bit farther…

DIY Shed Converted into Micro Tiny House

September 9, 2022 john 12 705181 17:19

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Jessica is all about the minimalistic lifestyle. She has a floating tiny house, a short bus, and now a micro-tiny home! This little micro used to be a tool shed and has now been converted into a quaint bohemian sanctuary. Everything one needs for a comfortable life, including a compost toilet, single stove…

Couple’s DIY Mini School Bus Tiny House – Shower + Toilet Built In

April 24, 2022 john 15 80555 31:49

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Nate, Sheena, and their pup Luna live full-time in a beautiful DIY skoolie. The build defines functionality and comfort with an open layout and several upgrades from their last rig. The gorgeous kitchen has Maple butcherblock with Pine cabinets. The Cubic mini woodburning stove is nicely set within beautiful tiles and keeps the…

Mini Bus Tiny Home w/ Huge Fold Down Table, Shower & Functional Workspace

November 11, 2021 john 15 70606 18:16

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Check out this party bus! Seriously, this skoolie used to have neon lights, a ball pit, and memories only the walls have seen! Hugo and Kaori bought it from an auction and quickly went to work making it into their DIY home project. They designed it with a massive table alongside one wall…

This Single Level Tiny House Is Perfect For Disabled & Retirement Aged People

June 21, 2020 john 21 197050 05:39

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Brad did another tour of an Airbnb in Seward. This one is an adorable 1 bedroom tiny house right downtown. It’s designed with a downstairs bedroom and no lofts, which makes it accessible to anyone and has an open and airy design with lots of windows. – https://skooliecentral.com/ Need Something On Amazon?