A TWO STORY Pop-Top Tiny House? Is it Possible?

January 25, 2018 john 55 4306 02:00

I don’t think its the FIRST, but it certainly is pretty cool! Deek’s Hands-On Tiny House Building Workshops- http://www.relaxshacks.com In this short guest-filmed clip, we get a first look at a telescoping, or “pop top/up” tiny house on wheels- one created by Pop Top Tiny Homes. You can find more from them at http://www.poptoptinyhomes.com

Big Bathroom in this Tiny House (at the Denver Home Show)

January 20, 2018 john 25 4392 06:40

Deek’s Hands-ON Tiny House Workshops- http://www.Relaxshacks.com Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits a tiny house created by “Tiny Diamond Homes” while a keynote speaker at the 2017 Denver, Colorado Home Show. This tiny house on wheels has a rather spacious bathroom, a nice loft with proper egress, and a kitchen with quite a bit of cabinet space…

5 EASY STEPS- Paper Bag Flooring for Your Tiny Home/House

January 19, 2018 john 10 1161 01:58

Gypsy Wagon Builder/Designer Terry Stringham shows us his tiny house’s paper bag floors and tells us (in five easy steps) just how easy it is to make these reused floors. These can also be done with newspaper, comics, and old maps for a very unique look.

Stunning “Country-Modern” Tiny House- w/SEPARATE BEDROOM!

January 10, 2018 john 30 5056 06:44

Deek’s Hands-On Build and Design Workshops (tiny houses/green building)- http://www.relaxshacks.com Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits “The Henderson”- a 34′ luxury tiny house on wheels built and designed by the small home company “Movable Roots”. In this clip Deek talks to to Mike (owner/designer/builder) about this build, its facets, and their company, based out of Melbourne, Florida.…

Tiny House Women Took Their Eco-Friendly Business On The Road

January 4, 2018 john 21 4045 11:36

And TINY HOUSE MAGAZINE from Kent Griswold- at http://www.tinyhouseblog.com In this tour, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits the beautiful vardo/gypsy wagon that China Rose and AJ Zamora live in and co-designed. This tiny house on wheels, is eco-friendly, and serves as their mobile business on wheels as well (see link below). The house also features a…

Remote controlled TINY HOUSE BED drops from the ceiling!

December 21, 2017 john 19 3414 01:49

THE NEXT TINY HOUSE hands-on WORKSHOPS- HERE- http://www.relaxshacks.com Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits the tiny house (a gypsy wagon/vardo) owned and designed by China Rose and AJ Zamora. This excerpt (full tour to come) shows the very unique “rising” bed that the two have implemented into their home design. This bed is remote controlled and can…

This TINY HOUSE once went to the WHITE HOUSE- and its FOR SALE!

December 5, 2017 john 13 4063 03:13

Built by 15 year old (at the time) Sicily Kolbeck (later resulting in her being asked to do a TED talk!) this 128 square foot tiny house is now FOR SALE! This house later received an invite to be brought to the White House- where it was shown off by Sicily herself. Interested in buying…

The SMALLER Tiny House (finally)- “Bucking The Trend”

December 2, 2017 john 20 7891 05:36

When everyone seems to be building larger and longer- what with 32′ tiny homes now becoming more common in a tv-show inspired scene- “Bear” of Bears Tiny Homes is scaling back his work and keeping things simple. His new model, “The Bluebelle”, is only 20′ long, but through clever arrangements, common usage ways, and just…

Modern BARN Tiny House w/”Constellation of Lights”

November 29, 2017 john 24 5455 05:24

In this episode, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits the family behind “Red Barn Tiny Houses”, at the Florida Tiny House Festival. This gambrel “barn” tiny house on wheels features one of the more modern and awe-inspiring array of pendant lighting- a virtual “constellation” of edison bulbs that adorn its ceiling.