Tiny House Couple Strives for Zero Waste Life in 133 SqFt

June 30, 2019 john 26 21456 11:08

This young couple decided to dramatically lower their impact on the earth through zero waste lifestyle and a Tiny House. EDITOR: Marcia` Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/ OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Michaela & Ben (homeowners)

Architect and Designer Couple Create Spectacular Tiny House In The Bush

February 10, 2019 john 20 99223 15:36

When a designer and architect couple team up to create their own tiny home, amazing things happen! Nestled in the bush with landscaped grounds, this tiny house on wheels looks perfectly at home amongst the beautiful native trees. Although the house was originally designed for just the couple, with a baby on the way they…

Couple Builds Tiny House Homestead as Adventure Base Camp

December 10, 2018 john 13 2900 06:44

👉 FULL tiny house TOUR coming next week! 🏡 👉Meet Greg & Stephanie Parham. They fell in love when Steph tried to commission Greg, founder of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, to build her a tiny home. A short time later they got married and built a gorgeous home that pays homage to their love for…

Four Years In A Tiny House And Loving It

August 18, 2018 john 23 43345 25:59

Shannon and Tim have been living in their tiny house for four years in the Rochester, New York area. We love the deck area that basically doubles the usable size of the space. Nice! You can follow Shannon and Tim’s tiny house journey by following them on Instagram via the link below. Thanks Shannon and…

Couple Build Tiny House To Live Big In Retirement – Revisited

July 1, 2018 john 20 42089 10:45

In this episode we revisit Dave and Adrienne in their stunning tiny house on wheels which they built to live big in their retirement, only this time, it’s a different tiny house! After selling their previous tiny house to an admirer, this couple had another go at designing a new tiny home for their retirement,…

Retired Couple Living In Tiny House Bliss

December 30, 2017 john 20 38194 04:39

The title admittedly is a bit misleading. Thanks for the tour! More info. http://greatcanadiantinyhouse.com More photos: http://tinyhouseswoon.com/great-canadian-tiny-house Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com

Minimalist Living in a Dream Tiny House

September 30, 2017 john 20 39417 12:48

This young minimalist couple are living the dream in their incredible tiny house on wheels. Video sponsored by Storyblocks! Get your free 7 day trial: http://storyblocks.com/LivingBigTinyHouse_0917 Despite getting off to a rough start with a builder who didn’t deliver on what was promised, the end result of this tiny house is nothing short of spectacular.…

World-Traveling Couple’s Tiny House in Sustainable Community

September 15, 2017 john 20 29135 10:47

This young couple are living their dream. Both world travellers, they originally met in Australia before venturing around the globe together and eventually settling in North America. Their beautiful tiny house on wheels now sits amongst the lush wilderness of the British Columbian forest in the heart of a small, sustainable community. Read More: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/world-travellers-tiny-house-in-sustainabe-community/…

Tiny House Progress, What’s Next, and Legalizing Tiny Houses

November 10, 2016 john 20 2237 06:19

Andrew Morrison’s call to action — https://tinyhousebuild.com/help-legalize-tiny-houses Tiny Nest is a video series following Jake & Kiva’s tiny house project, from the early stages, through to completion and beyond. — music in this episode — Artist: Broke For Free Track: A Beautiful Life

Teenager Started Building a Mortgage-Free Tiny House at Just 18!

May 21, 2016 john 0 23816 07:54

Josh was inspired to start building this tiny house at just 18 years old after he watched a YouTube video about a teenager who was building a tiny house in the US. Josh got himself a summer job and saved up enough money to buy a car-hauler trailer at the end of the season, and…