Student built Tiny House Cabin In The Woods (all materials HIKED in!)

October 7, 2021 john 33 2431 06:12

With input from Pam and Chris Daniele ( @DirtandGlass ), I (Derek “Deek” Diedricksen) designed and provided the sketches for this cabin, and oversaw its initial framing alongside a group of workshop students at Tiny House Summer Camp in 2018 before things got weird in the US. Chris Strathy (aka “The Capable Carpenter” was on…

The Hickory Hobbit Tiny House- THE Coolest Bathtub! (and FOR SALE)

September 3, 2021 john 14 1219 27:44

Whether its a cabin, glamping getaway, a tiny house on wheels, or a small cottage you’re planning on designing, THIS build has some ideas and approaches you might appreciate. I’ve seen so many tiny houses and spent the night dozens upon dozens of them in my travels, that it takes a lot to turn my…

Shipping Container Tiny House BRIDGES A STREAM -(FOR SALE!)

July 27, 2021 john 12 2475 14:51

Its also build and placed (for the time being) straddling a stream (where it could be moved elsewhere or shipped to a buyer rather easily). You’ll want to check out the very cool “expanding shower” in this modern shipping container house (conex box home), and the push-button up-n-down bed that take a build like this…

THE BEST space saving Tiny House Bed I’ve seen!

July 12, 2021 john 17 1988 02:26

Here’s a little clip from an upcoming full tour on a great Rhode Island area Shipping Container tiny home that was built and designed by Cam (Camerson) Chafee. This little house is big on both style, AND space efficiency- particularly with its ingenious bed- one that can be raised and lowered on a track with…

Utah Tiny House For Sale with AMAZING VIEWS (and 5 acres of land!)

November 23, 2020 john 18 1514 04:02

‘Trying out a new segment here which will randomly help out some sellers, serve as a chance to check out some tiny houses on the market, and be a means to pick through them to potentially gain some inspiration and information on them, and through them, in regards to style, function, and approach in tiny…

Why I MOVED OUT of my TINY HOUSE & What’s Next!

November 20, 2020 john 25 43161 08:25


Adorable Tiny House Cottage For Sale in Florida

November 18, 2020 john 26 7717 14:40

Tiny house for sale in Sanford, Florida: Just outside of Orlando, Florida sits an adorable 20’ tiny house on wheels called the Adorable Cottage. Painted a Seafoam green with white trim and topped by a terracotta-colored standing seam metal roof, the cottage is a cozy tandem axle tiny house on wheels. The house is…

THE nicest Tiny House Ever? Well, ITS FOR SALE!

October 29, 2020 john 21 1955 03:42

Talk about tiny house luxury! -This one has just about everything! – And yes, its for sale right now! Amanda Wolters gives us guest tour of her 38′ long, 10′ wide, tiny house on wheels, and it is just stunning. Interested in buying it?- you can reach/DM her at @ladybirdthetinyhouse and/or check out all the…

The Cedar Queen Is A Stunning Tiny House That You Can Own

October 23, 2020 john 21 31207 06:26

Her tiny house is for sale here: The Cedar Queen is a 28’ tiny house that even at first glance, is a real head turner. With its dual-loft design, family life is a very real possibility in this tiny house. Thanks Michelle for the tour! Her tiny house is for sale here: The…

She Bought a Used TINY HOUSE to Live Simply in Montana

September 4, 2020 john 21 26807 06:54

BEFORE BUYING A USED TINY HOUSE, READ THIS ARTICLE: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Adelle downsized from a 1500 sq foot house into a used 260 sq foot Tiny House on wheels. She now can afford to work less and has more time to play outside in beautiful Montana. This super simple design is all she needs!…