She Bought a Used TINY HOUSE to Live Simply in Montana

September 4, 2020 john 21 26741 06:54

BEFORE BUYING A USED TINY HOUSE, READ THIS ARTICLE: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Adelle downsized from a 1500 sq foot house into a used 260 sq foot Tiny House on wheels. She now can afford to work less and has more time to play outside in beautiful Montana. This super simple design is all she needs!…

Dream Tiny House Sets The Bar For Elegance

August 28, 2020 john 21 11422 04:49

Joshua Annis recently began building beautiful tiny houses and this one is no exception. It has FOUR skylights and as he mentions in the video, there are no shortcuts in the build. Please reach out to Roy with Tiny House Listings here: Get a free 5-minute tiny house consultation: The world’s tiny house…

Smart Millennial Buys Stylish TINY HOUSE as Perfect 1st Home

February 7, 2020 john 45 209905 10:12

CHECK OUT THE BLOG POST FOR MORE INFO: VIDEO INFO: Torey purchased a beautiful Tiny House so that she could own a home in her 20s in Austin, Texas. Tiny Houses may be the perfect option for millennial homeowners. ————– CREDITS ————— VIDEOGRAPHER: Matt Alexander EDITOR: Marcia Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING…

Tiny Houses…Where To Start?

September 1, 2019 john 21 3994 06:36

The process of buying and living in a tiny house isn’t exactly the same as purchasing traditional real estate. Here’s the first 3 steps that I recommend for starting out your tiny house journey. The world’s tiny house marketplace: Follow us on:

This off grid cabin is ultra-affordable and EASY to build!

August 12, 2019 john 15 3320 04:01

This “Transforming A Frame Cabin” design by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of has been built time and time again as an off-grid cabin retreat, as a full out tiny house with insulation and a bathroom in some cases, and for micro glamping rentals through It was recently featured in Sunset Magazine and on Zillow…

Father And Son Team Up To Build Tiny Houses

June 1, 2019 john 20 27078 04:42

For sale here: Recently I had the chance to meet Chip, a plumber that lives in Oak Island, North Carolina. He recently decided to team up with his son to start building tiny houses. His son wants to start a tiny house building business so they went ahead and built their first one. And…

Dual-Lofted Tiny House Built For A Small Family

April 14, 2019 john 28 12868 06:21

For sale here: “Beautiful 24’ tiny with 2 lofts that are cantilevered making the top length 30’. It has a large shower and flush toilet. Tiny is set up with standard RV hookups but could be converted to off grid with a couple changes.” Tiny house for sale in Mesa, Arizona: Tiny House…

Minimalist Tiny House In Tiny Home Community

April 7, 2019 john 30 35791 02:54

For sale here: This tiny house has a curved roof and no loft which makes it lightweight and easy to go. Oh, and downstairs sleeping. For sale in Isleton, California: Follow us on: