Epic Tiny House California Kitchen- for cooking AND entertaining

February 2, 2018 john 23 3773 02:51

Deek’s Workshops HERE- http://www.relaxshacks.com In this clip, Joshua and Shelley Engberg show us their gorgeous tiny house kitchen- in their home on wheels based outside of San Francisco, California. These two will ALSO be guest speakers at our upcoming hands-on Diedricksen Brothers Tiny House Workshop in Joshua Tree, CA in March (2018). http://www.tinyhousebasics.com

Tiny House has PLENTY of space to COOK and ENTERTAIN

September 12, 2017 john 20 2567 08:47

The Rocky Mountain Tiny House folks certainly outdid themselves again as we get a look at a guest tour of a home built in recent years by their team. This 26′ tiny house on wheels has a great kitchen, complete with a full refrigerator, a second loft space JUST for crafting (atop a steel framed…

Tiny House Progress, What’s Next, and Legalizing Tiny Houses

November 10, 2016 john 20 2237 06:19

Andrew Morrison’s call to action — https://tinyhousebuild.com/help-legalize-tiny-houses Tiny Nest is a video series following Jake & Kiva’s tiny house project, from the early stages, through to completion and beyond. — music in this episode — Artist: Broke For Free Track: A Beautiful Life

Mini 16ft Tiny House with All the Comforts of Home – Full Tour

October 17, 2016 john 20 31899 04:57

Take a tour of this adorable tiny house with us. It’s built on a short 16 foot trailer but it still feels surprisingly spacious inside with a huge galley kitchen on the main floor and a queen sized bed upstairs in the loft. Martin Bisson from Lumbec (http://www.tinyhouselumbec.com) built this tiny home, La Nautique (The…