3 Myths About Tiny Houses on Wheels

March 14, 2019 john 44 1869 10:50

Let’s talk tiny! What are 3 major myths about tiny houses on wheels, and the why mobility is worthwhile? To help win over the hearts and minds of neighbors and policymakers, we all need to provide a clear of understanding of the benefits of a movable house. 👉”Living Tiny Legally docu-series: https://www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/livingtinylegally ✊🏡Legalize Tiny Advocacy…

Top 3 Tiny House Myths DEBUNKED

May 7, 2017 john 19 18879 08:56

I kept hearing them, these same three myths over and over. Out of the 1000’s of emails I receive on a monthly basis, here are the top three tiny house myths. AND, I’d like to say…thanks for watching! Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com