Building a Secret $300 Tree House in Swamp (w/Tiny House Builder)

August 12, 2018 john 26 1641 08:35

LOTS of TINY HOUSE links/Resources BELOW…. Deek’s TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP WORKSHOP- A-FRAME PLANS SETS- Deek designed tiny house “community” shirts- RENT this Tiny transforming a-frame

Turning a SHED into a Tiny House Airbnb Rental for UNDER $3k!

June 28, 2018 john 15 4835 05:08

NEW Tiny House Shirts- Deek Design/Sketch (Helps keep this channel running!)- Tiny House Summer Camp 6- and OTHER Tiny House Hands-On Workshops…… Deek’s Transforming A-Frame Cabin Plans- HERE:… Deek’s book “MICROSHELTERS”- A Bestseller… As for THIS tiny house (with a bathroom soon to be added), it was a former shed on a…

An Electric Winch Fold-Up Deck For a Tiny House?

June 5, 2018 john 21 1618 01:23

Check out Deek’s Tiny House Workshop’s HERE: More on Chris Strathy HERE: In this clip, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is shown a fold-up tiny house deck- one that raises at the push of a button (that is rigged to an electronic hoist/winch)- all part of a tiny house built by Chris Strathy.

Tiny House on Wheels Has a Fully Screened In Porch!

May 5, 2018 john 25 3068 07:05

More tiny house info below…. Deek’s HANDS-ON Tiny House and Tree House Workshops HERE: In this lil’ episode, Derek “Derek” Diedricksen (while a keynote speaker at the Tiny House NC Street Festival in Pink Hill, NC (put on by Andrew Odom)), visits a tiny house built and designed by “Perch And Nest”. This particular…

Only 13′ Wide- The “SMALL not Tiny” MODERN HOUSE- Toronto

February 7, 2018 john 26 2915 04:31

More info on THIS tiny house is BELOW…. Tiny House and Cabin PLANS- Deek/Dustin’s Hand-ON Tiny House Workshops- AIRBNB link to rent this place- In this clip, while visiting Toronto, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, stays at a very cool, modern, and creative house- one that is only 13′ wide, and laden with some…

Where can I RENT or “TRY” OUT a TINY HOUSE?

February 3, 2018 john 21 2082 02:13

Thanks! Tiny House and Cabin PLANS- Deek/Dustin’s Hand-ON Tiny House Workshops- Derek “Deek” Diedricksen shows us a clip of one (of MANY- 10 or more now!) of the Tiny House rental units run by Jeremy Ricci at Tiny House Siesta. This rental spread is located in Siesta Key, FL (Sarasota) and is geared…

A TWO STORY Pop-Top Tiny House? Is it Possible?

January 25, 2018 john 55 4306 02:00

I don’t think its the FIRST, but it certainly is pretty cool! Deek’s Hands-On Tiny House Building Workshops- In this short guest-filmed clip, we get a first look at a telescoping, or “pop top/up” tiny house on wheels- one created by Pop Top Tiny Homes. You can find more from them at

Big Bathroom in this Tiny House (at the Denver Home Show)

January 20, 2018 john 25 4392 06:40

Deek’s Hands-ON Tiny House Workshops- Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits a tiny house created by “Tiny Diamond Homes” while a keynote speaker at the 2017 Denver, Colorado Home Show. This tiny house on wheels has a rather spacious bathroom, a nice loft with proper egress, and a kitchen with quite a bit of cabinet space…

5 EASY STEPS- Paper Bag Flooring for Your Tiny Home/House

January 19, 2018 john 10 1161 01:58

Gypsy Wagon Builder/Designer Terry Stringham shows us his tiny house’s paper bag floors and tells us (in five easy steps) just how easy it is to make these reused floors. These can also be done with newspaper, comics, and old maps for a very unique look.

No V.O.C. “Ikea” Tiny House can be pulled by an Escalade!

December 26, 2017 john 26 6466 08:53

This house comes as a numbered kit, and a direction book, similar to the assembly-furniture of Ikea…. (thought not produced by them) Deek and Dustin’s Hands-On Tiny House Workshops- Deek Diedricksen visits with Roget Lehet at the Tiny House Festival in Florida. Roger, having just lost his longtime home to a fire, shows us…